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July 29, 2008



I had two friends who came over to Age of Conan with me who didn't like the game and went back to World of Warcraft. They finally convince me last night to come back with them so I've put Age of Conan on the shelf also. Now I just have to learn not to keep hitting auto-attack multiple times. I miss hitting lots of buttons.


Reason I went back to Guild Wars.

Combat is so fast, and the way certain skills are applied (for example I have a skill where I power up my attributes, then Freeze a group, then follow up with a single attack which gives me the energy back I just spent thanks to the attribute boost, oh and because I had done the Freeze, this hexed them which causes the single skill to do more damage, etc...)

I can NEVER go back to WoW, LOTRO, etc...

AoC really killed MMO's for me.

I hope WAR is not as slow as it looks, or else I may be gone from all MMO's forever (as GW is not really an MMO per se...right?)


Most of what is lacking for some of us in AOC is very addressable should they decide to do so. This first 6 to 12 months they will solidify the existing content and work out all the bugs and make the end game actually work. Then they'll expand the content and address dead areas of play. In 18 months should be a very nice game. The combat is REALLY fun and I don't normally play melee classes. EQ2 felt slow before not it feels like molasses. I just happen to be okay with molasses these days. :-)

I hate it but all my eggs are also sitting in the WAR basket for a new game in 2009.

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