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July 18, 2008



Preparation is a great idea. You mentioned printed maps, but there are downloadable in-game maps at maps.eq2interface.com that have most quest item locations identified on you ingame map.


If you mean the eq2mapupdater, I find that difficult to use. There are dozens of dots all over the map and the only way I know of telling what they are is by hovering over every single one. Is there something else or another way do to it? I have it installed but don't find it much use.


Nope. I hover over dots till I find what I want, but then I can click on the dot and I will get a glowing path when I am close and I can see what direction to go by pointing my arrow towards the dot. Not perfect, but it gives more info than a paper map or maybe supplements it.


Another great help with quests if you haven't found it already is eq2.wikia.com


I understand the 5-6 STR line. This is in regards to AA's being spent. And it is across the board if I am not mistaken.
The linked calculator you looked at is wrong. Look at these
These show the AGI, STR, WIS lines which were added a few GU back.
Use this to see how the 5-6-3-4 STR works
Find the line going down called Avenger Strength
so, what we do is add 5 to the first circle, 6 to the second, etc...
Got that?

KOS or EOF is Kingdom of Sky and Echoes of Faydwer, meaning items added for those expansions.

But, yea, you see the issue. I finally gave up. EQ2's information overload is a little too much for me. This is like Math Class or Algebra, not a game.
So many formulas, so many places that are hard to find (because yes...the map sucks)...ARGH
It is a good game...but is a TMI dreamers paradise.

I want simplicity again. Reason I went back to GW. And then will play WAR as well...until the match kicks in there as well.



@Open - Ah yes, the calculator you pointed me to is much better as it has all of the details and I would have seen the AGI, STR, stuff in the descriptions. Yes it does require an overwhelming about of information to be effective in EQ2. You can't just jump in like you can in WOW and say, "Oh this is what this game is about. Cool, let's roll!" I do feel like I'm preparing for an exam now that you mention it. LOL

But it's okay. I want something with a bit of depth - like an EVE Online, that I can nibble at over time which is why I think this will fit for my long term game. If WAR is in between this and WOW that might be it. If WAR is more like WOW's simplicity then that will be my casual jump and and roll game. I'm playing WAR regardless. :-)


First, don't buy RoK if your just going to work on your illus, RoK came with a new race and area to level up 1 through about 20 and then you won't be able to play any RoK zones until your high 60's or low 70's. If solo dungeons are your thing definitely try the splitpaw saga and some of the bloodlines. Each have quests that provide a solo instanced zone for you to enjoy all to yourself and a little quested story to go along with it.


@Adairean thank you for that tip!! I had assumed it was like EOF with a completely new set of leveling zones. I was told about Splitpaw when I played before so I'll be sure to check it out this time.


Regarding the AA tree I put all my points in the AGI line (you need to think of AGI in terms of your "personae" or spell damage and not the agility (parry) as in other MMOs) - this difference was difficult for me to understand at first since I would always compare the stats with other games). My Illusionist is currently level 43.

I first started an Illusionist back in 2005 when the "personae" or twin was not yet introduced. You could "tame" an animal who would fight for you for a brief period of time, before turning aggressive (you then had to kill it, just as the one you can control as a Necro for 20 minutes).
In those days, the illusionist class was not solo-friendly at all, and therefore I left her in a closet and started a Necro instead (now level 80).

After they changed the illusionist class and added the personae it became one of the most solo-friendly classes in EQ2 (it basically turned from a pure crowd-control raid class into a crowd-control solo class).
Imagine, you can mezz a whole group, chain your target and send your personae to fight for you as you dot your ennemy and watch it dying from distance afar. This is just pure luxury!

Regarding questing and levelling, I went to the Echoes of Faydwer area which was a nice change from Antonica or Thundering Steppes. You have butcherblock mountain and Greater Faydark (lovely place). Also as mentioned by Adairean the Bloodline chronicles are a great way to solo around 30-40 (it's challenging, don't assume it will be a piece of cake, but this package has some nice specific rewards). In addition, if you buy the Rise of Kunark expansion you will get all previous expansions including the Bloodline chronicles/Splitpaw Saga/isle of Mara content for free.

In case you quest in Butcherblock, don't forget to do the following heritage quest line (level 35 heroic for the hardest part) http://eq2.wikia.com/wiki/War_and_Wardrobe It gives a nice and beautiful robe for casters as a reward.

The EQ2 wikia has been my main website as it has so many great topics such as the deities or the solo timelines which would show you where to go depending on your level http://eq2.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Solo_Timelines

EQ2 is definitely my all-time favorite game, because of its wide choice of races, classes, character customization, instances, quests and content, crafting, housing, collections (glowies or shinies) and if you've got a solid rig it's just splendid. I never got bored, ever!

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