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July 27, 2008



It's surprising how many times developers fail to see how a small change can cause ripples in the economy. When crafting epics were introduced, Lvl 80 players required a couple of tier 5 rares for their quest, and that sent the cost of those skyrocketing too. Any poor newbie would have felt the pinch as they suddenly could not afford rares for their spells and gear at that tier.


Actually this is one of the reasons I got out of FFXI and got into EvE. The economy is much more robust in EvE. Interestingly even with an economist on board "things can go wrong". Case in point: the shuttle incident.

One of the things I like about EvE is that with few exceptions we usually know ahead of time what's coming out in a patch. So the traders tend to go all tea-leave-y on us. For example we now know there is an upcoming "speed nerf" which should affect the balance of the ships in that the whole "nano" issue should be reduced. This has had a predictable effect on the economy. Certain ship prices are going down, others are going up. Smart traders got in on the changes early and are making a mint, the rest are bemoaning their lack of reaction speed. Note that it's all speculation at this point in time, the changes hit sisi (test server) today so fine tuning of the new price points will take place over the next week.

This is to point out that these changes aren't necessarily bad, they just are what they are, and the idea is to take advantage of them when they arise. Admittedly easier to do in an economy game like eve instead of a crafting game like EQ2, but the principal applies.


@Mythokia - There are aspects of the way spells are given that I'm not fond of in EQ2. Constantly replacing existing spells versus being given a higher tier of the same spell for example, I found VERY annoying at first. I do however see how it supports the Sage profession with a constant need for Spell Scrolls. That being the case, I wish they'd find a way to be more careful about destabilizing the economy at the lower levels because spell upgrades are so vital and when they push them beyond your reach, they are basically gimping newer players.

@Letrange - the economy is one of the things I really enjoyed about EO although I never fully participated beyond making my funds via salvaging. In fact, trying to play more of an economic game in EQ2 is born out of how fascinated I was by that aspect of EO. I capitalized last time I was around for a change that impacted the economy but that was born out of an inability to compete with the going prices to purchase what I really needed.

I try to look ahead and plan but unlike EO some things that go down you're just going to deal with as they come. In WOW I would take note of when new armor was being released (Arena) or PVE dungeon sets so that I could farm up lots of enchanting components since the prices would go thru the roof the day those items hit the live servers. Then there was the profit from performing those enchants too. That was pretty sweet when it rolled around.


This is the reason I turned into a rares dealer..
I took everything I found and sold it, and quit crafting period.
The monetary input compared to time input equaled me being child slave labor.
I then found the hot commodities market of rares sales on the Broker, and made a fortune.

You can too.

Order my book now. I also show you how to sell "Stolen properties" confiscated by Hot Elven Police Women toting handcuffs.


I usually hate crafting in MMO's, but I have to admit that I really liked EQ2's system. It's the only MMO where I actually went out of my way to farm components so I could craft armor for myself and my friends.

It's my belief that most MMO developers don't take the games economy into consideration when they make changes (whether those changes are loot drops, the crafting system, or whatever).

They fail to realize is that the economical side of the game is a great part of the fun for some players.

Maybe that's why EvE Online is still ticking after all these years?


@Open - Haha, you had me going there for a minute. I hadn't noticed the name. When I came to the "I have guide" part I thought, "oh snap" a spammer got through then I saw it was you. :-P

@Jason - the economic side of EO is very broad and appealing. I think that even more players will be lured into it's clutches once there is ambulation to enhance playing the trading/market site of the game.

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