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June 10, 2008



This doesn't have anything to do with a certain Cimmerian and his new game, does it?


I kid, I kid. Sometimes you just have to learn when it's time to move on.

I suppose of AoC runs out of steam and WAR isn't all that and a bag o' chips (which I doubt) I might find myself back in Azeroth... but I really don't expect that to happen. 3 years is more than enough until WoW: The Sequel. :)


It's tough saying goodbye to WoW but I too took the step. There's a certain relationship feeling or "homeness" about it - like I can have a totally crappy day at work but know that Winterspring or Nagrand will be a great escape when I get home. At some point though, I started looking for new places to escape to, new horizons to cross, and WoW wasn't doing it for me any more.

I think it's a step most gamers will face with their favorite games - they've been played already so it's time to let go.

And if you do change your mind and resubscribe, your stuff will still be there waiting for you too.


Played since release? That's over 3 years now, and who would blame you for putting a game down after that long. That's the beauty of the MMO though, and a testament to Blizzard as a developer. What other genre could captivate people for that long?

People always feel the need to voice that they are leaving a MMO and why. Like hanging out in a game for 3 years isn't reason enough. Like it's a marriage divorce, and you need to justify it to friends and family. But that's what this genre of game has given back to all of us indirectly, isn't it? Friends and family? Maybe not all of us, but I think most of us can say that.

My comment is getting too long now, and I've lost direction. Good luck in your new adventures!


I'm curious why you wouldn't be interested in coming back for WotLK.


@Seritaph - I think people say goodbye when it has been a long game relationship, as ours with WOW. I've come and gone in many games but it wasn't so much as a goodbye, as much as, a decision not to play. AC2 got a tearful goodbye with the servers shutdown - and we still have the game disks. WOW gets a farewell filled with lots of fond memories and good times.

@Yane - We've gone beyond that particular gaming model. We've done what WOW does best - have been hardcore raiders, to hardcore PVP, to casual and things in between. We're just ready for something different. Different world, storyline and characters.

We used to play mad-long sessions of Monopoly, Sorry and Yatzee. Now we flex our muscles at each other over Wii Bowling and Tennis. It doesn't mean that Monopoly suddenly sucks. We just want to do something different.

Matt Graham

You'll be back. They always come back. :P


Bye m8. Enjoy with you wow-free life :).

But believe me, you'll be back sooner or later. If not for WoW, you'll come back for some other blizzard creation in future.

Just wait and see.


I dont doubt I'll be back for Blizzard's next MMO as long as it is an MMORPG. They do amazing work but I'm done with WOW. :-) I've rolled every class I was even remotely interested in playing. I've done every crafting profession I had an interest in and won't make time to raid - that closes the chapter on my desire to play. Now, if the revamped it entirely with several new classes - perhaps, but then again, I'm not re-rolling thru the old zones again...EVER. :-)

World Of Warcraft Videos

I have not been playing much lately at all. However I think I will keep giving Blizz the 15 bucks. Hopefully some time will free up for me.

Playing that damn long though I could understand getting sick of it. So what you doing then just waiting for the release of Diablo III?

BTW you should of sold off your toons and made a couple bucks.

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