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June 11, 2008



It's funny because I hadn't even thought of this until you mentioned it in chat the other night.

VERY true.

AC2 was the game I played when I got really excited for WoW and couldn't wait for it to launch. About a year before it closed down, I played on and off.

I still remember my sheer confusion at playing that game because it truly was my first MMOG that I gave a crap about.

You're right, there's a similar sort of atmosphere in Conan and one I'm totally digging. :)


I was feeling so alone in my appreciation for Age of Conan. I think the only people on my blogroll who liked the game are you and Bildo. I don't know why since I think this game has a lot of potential. If Funcom is able to grow the end game PvP like they claim then it could deffinitely weather the release of WotLK and Warhammer.


It's a different sort of MMO - at least in the lower levels which is all I can speak to with experience. I like those differences. I hope the things that make me like it aren't the things that didn't make AC2 popular. :-(

I'm digging it and enjoy reading the blogs of others that do too. Some of your blogs I dont comment on even when I have something to say because they want a particular ID to post a comment - *coughs @ Bildo*. I can abide those and dont maintain accounts on those popular ones listed.

You're not alone Relm. *Pats shoulder* There...there.


You can actually post a comment on my blog using your Typepad ID, Saylah.

Just click the OpenID button and drop the box to Typepad and use what you use to admin this blog.

That'll do.


I tried a few times and gave up. :-9 The Typepad ID always comes back invalid. I tried again today and got same thing.


I know this sounds odd... but did you follow the little gray box's instructions?


I'm sorry if it's a pain, but it helps prevent the spammers. :)


Er, that link is not meant to be a link, obviously.

That's what you're supposed to type in as your username.

By example:-http://profile.typekey.com/saylah


Gosh darn it all! Enough people are starting to say enough good things about AoC that I'm probably going to have to drop LotRO and give it a try. I'm going to stay active in EVE though, so don't even think of making me turn off my strip-miners, LOL!

DAoC was my first MMO, but AC2 was my second and from the first login to AC2 I was swept up by it's sheer beauty and sense of adventurous exploration. I loved that there were places there that I felt like I was the only person for miles around, or that nobody had even been there before... I also liked that I could craft stuff anywhere that was immediatly useful (armor, weapons, etc.) If AoC is anything like that, I'll try it and probably stick with it - I haven't seen where you can buy/DL it online, is it "box only?"

BTW - Love the PDX skyline, I've lived near there twice before, once in Beaverton in the mid-80's, and then out in Hillsboro in the late-90's.

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