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June 02, 2008


Nemos Folly

I agree that the classes are a new twist and am really enjoying playing my assassin as it is the class I have been looking for in all the other games. Yes we are the cladari of AoC after the suprise we are tissue paper for toe to toe but I like the challange. And I would like to thank you for your views of AoC I almost passed on this one from other reviews but think I will thourghly enjoy it till War comes out.


I have a Herald and Assassin at level twenty and enjoyed both classes though I was dissapointed with their survivability. I ended up going for the Conqueror and now I have him 38 and trying out the first real dungeon. He plays a lot like the Captain from Lord of the Rings and has a lot of group buffs. It's interesting because he can tank but can't wear a shield like the guardian or dark templar. Instead I depend on combos that increase my parry rate. So far its a lot of fun.


A POM ran by me yesterday just tearing things up. He was hitting multiple mobs with a single spell that knocked 80% of their health down. I was like DAYUM! I wonder how this will get balanced for PVP. It's great that every class seems to have offensive / DPS ability but people are going to scream bloody murder in PVP with healing classes that can do that sort of damage.


Why does every game I try completely F up the Necro class? QQ I rolled a Necro, leveled him to 18, then decided I didn't care for beging stomped on. It drives me nuts how the necros pets are only able to hold aggro every 2 min when the skill is up.

So I re-rolled Conqueror and haven't looked back. I'm loving the multi mob combos and being able to take on 3 mobs my own level with devestatingly efficient results.

I will probably try a couple more classes before I settle on a main. I'm taking AOC slow instead of hauling ass through the content like I did WOW. Good times so far :)


Hi hear ya on the Necro. I'd love to play one myself but as you say, every time I've tried one it's been a no-go. My pets didn't hold aggro at all. The second they hit the mobs the mobs ran to me even if I hadn't cast anything. I tested this multiple times. I would instantly gain aggro regardless of whether not I attacked the mobs. Now that is that about??


That's pretty much my impression of the Necro too. Some good ideas such as multiple pets, but completely let down by the aggro issue. As you said, Saylah, the moment I unleashed my pets I gained the mobs attention. What's that all about?

At the moment, I'm playing a Tempest of Set and while it takes two or three casts to take down a mob, it's AoE so it works on any mob within three metres of the strike. Very effective. And very enjoyable.


Age of Conan follows the rule that only players are supposed to hold aggro and pets are more like intelligent damage over time spells. Necromancers are still the best class at soloing from what I hear and practically get an army of undead at the later levels.

I think the developers wanted all combat in the game to be involved and in your face. They didn't want anyone to just send in pets and stand far back and cast spells. It's very different from pet classes in every other MMO and I'm not sure if it's an improvement or not.


I've played Necromancer to level 20 and I've not been bothered by the minions not holding aggro. In fact, I like it like that as it makes me actually have to work rather then just let my pets maul the target. On the flip side, I learned that if you use Hide, you can send your minions out with commands and it will not break the Hide. Since you're hidden, the enemies will not know you're there (unles you're close enough) and you can let your minions romp on the target until you deem it needed to help out. As I understand it, having went into the Reanimation Feat Tree for Necromancer, minions don't start becoming really good, well, minions, until you're a bit down the tree. I believe this is because unless you invest in that direction, their suppose to be more of a distraction or assistance. Like Relmstein said, Necromancers have, hands down, the strongest DoTs from what I've played with. Strong enough to drop a Conqueror's health rom 100% to 5% before he got across a room and showed me why swords + cloth = my getting slaughtered. Good thing my DoTs put him on the ground right next to me.

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