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May 28, 2008



The 850XT ranks as the worst video card I have owned. I'm surprised that AoC is even playable on that hunk-of-junk. hehe. :)


Once I did get in the game the card started overheating. I replaced it with Nvidia 9800 but my UPS couldn't handle the watts. Finally ended up with 8800 + the trick of setting the graphics on HIGH vs. Low and I'm good to go. Now if I could just settle on a class I'd be set. :-)


Wow I had some problems with my Radeon 1950x but nothing too bad. I was just getting very low FPS no matter what setting I was using.

Steps I had to take to Play:

1) Had to use config.exe to go into windowed mode to get past the first black screen
15-20 FPS in Tortage upon first arrival

2) Bought 2 GB RAM to bring me up to 4GB
20-28 FPS in Tortage

3) Turned off personal shadows
30-40 FPS in Tortage, Get 70-100 in instances now

I love playing the melee classes so far. I have a Herald of Xolti which is technically under the mage tree but he plays like a warrior who also breaths fire. My friend says necromancers are fun and I've seen him running around with a small army of undead after a lucky string of fatalities.


Ugh... Sounds like my system is going to have a few problems...


8800 line are fantastic cards, that's what I use now. I don't think I'll go with ATI for awhile after all the headaches from the 850XT. That was quite the journey you went through just to play the game. You really are patient!


I hope I didn't do the proverbial, "good money after bad". I felt compelled to get it working since I'd already paid for the game.

I'm also going to dabble in the classes I think I might like before picking a main. I'm hearing it's rather quest heavy and I'm not into Alts until my main is max and progressed into end game content and crafting. So I want to be really sure before I get into serious leveling.

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