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May 27, 2008



Sorry to hear you are having so many problems. There are not many things more frustrating in life than wanting to play a game but having technical problems get in the way.

I preordered AOC in March, but after it was delayed again I canceled and never looked back. So far I seem to have made the right choice. Only time will tell....

Anyway, good luck and keep us posted!!

Humble Hobo

An MMO should not require fixes that you have to get from outside websites.

An MMO should not work on some graphics cards, but not others of about the same power/quality (for no logical reason)

Best of luck to you, but I've already given up on AoC.
There are design flaws that can't be fixed by looking on some website.


Wow .... I'll second what the poster above said: when you have to rely on 3rd party sites to fix your game, there are bigger problems than just the game.

Sorry to hear about all the issues. :( It seems that some people can play it with no problems while others have to go through all kinds of things to get it to work.

AoC sounds like it has the potential to be a great game but I think I made the right choice in holding off a bit to see how things pan out.

(I have a XPS system too, btw. :) )


Spent half of today and the local PC shop then Best Buy getting a new video card that would yield decent performance. I have a good gaming PC but the UPS couldn't support the top tier graphics card the first guy sold me and I went home to install. This time we did it at Best Buy which took 3 hours of starting at top tier that my UPS could support and working down to one that would run well (no over heating issues) AND get me above 50 FPS in game.

Big THANKS to the Geek Squad in the Best Buy in Augusta, GA. They were both MMO gamers and playing AoC. One of them had gone thru many of the same issues and hejust kept working with my PC until we got things working at an acceptable level of performance. I can run the game on high settings minus Shadows and AA and get 60+ FPS in unpopulated areas which is all I can access to try right now.

Geez. I better like this damn game.

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