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May 29, 2008


Jack Ratched

Interesting remarks. Your experience and opinions mirror mine pretty closely. I too am a grinder, and the many short quests became quite annoying to me early on. Later, it seems that grinding becomes a viable alternative as the levels get longer and the quests sparser. I'm currently grinding out levels 52-55 in the Cannibal Caves. We grindy types were not left behind, though I was beginning to despair early on.


Though I'm not planning on getting AoC for the foreseeable future, I find these posts informative. Seems like a neat game in a number of ways but I'm not sure I'd be interested.

I'm one of those folks that likes questing for xp - I don't much care for grinding. Though if I'm questing for xp, I'd still want to be able to complete several quests at once rather than do one, turn in, do another on the other side of the map, turn in, go back to the first place to do another, etc. Give me a bunch of stuff to do at the same time in a given area and I'm a happy camper.


I didn't get into all the hype about the game, and wasn't planning to purchase it based on the negativity I heard from the beta test. But one of my guild members posted an honest but nice review of it, and I started to hear some good things about it, so I bought two copies for my wife and myself. We've been having a blast playing so far, and I should hit 40 tonight. It still has the same types of quests that all MMO's have, but at least they did make the dialogue on them interesting. Overall its a fun game and I think it will keep me entertained for a good bit.


If you like grinding there are some nice solo instances in the early levels which are set up like a dungeon but meant for one person to do.

Both Burshur House and Black Castle in the Stygian starting area are set up this way and easy to solo on normal. Every boss in the Burbshur House drops a green chest as do the two bosses on the third floor of the Black Castle. There are other instances in the early levels which are decent for grinding but they tend to have bosses with no loot.

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