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May 23, 2008



got the same problem,though you say i shoulndt wait for the customer service, what should i do then? can see the email adres you marked black ^^


I blacked it out to prevent inadvertently funneling the wrong issues there. As it happens that was false message for me. I received a terse reply that the issue didnt apply to me without any additional guidance. I kept trying to register and one evening it worked. *shrug* Funcom Cust Supp hasn't been very helpful.

Jonathan Dijksman

Funcom are a bunch or retards!! I have had the same problem but the only reason i havn't done what saylah recommended is cos i am having an email battle tryin to convince the tech at funcom to gimme another key, though he says i need to scan a pic of the key my reciept to mail as proof. I have done the key but i dont have the reciept any more which is stupid!!!!
The only reason i havn't sent a bomb to funcom in the post is cos i have been aggin to play this game for so long!! :(

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