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April 15, 2008



Howdy, here's the URL for the multi-boxing forum mentioned in the show:




Thanks much!


Okay so one of these crazy MoFos 5-boxed four Warlocks and a Priest. My first character was Warlock and is probably the class I play the best - offensively and defensively. I get how the OPness of the class is a draw and hell, they can drain tank elite mobs. But I would never want to micro manage four Warlocks. Shard management alone would drive me insane! More power to him/her.

I've cruised the site and am even more interested now. I think I might seriously dual box in the next game I play. Why I personally play MMOs to solo can be discussed again at a later date. :-)


Very interesting topic. I have heard of multi-boxing but have never tried it. First of all, it requires 2 accounts right? I know of no other way to log in with 2 toons on the same account. Second, I am curious how you controlled 2 toons with one keyboard/mouse. I am very intrigued with this method because I solo a lot. I hate pug's very much, 9 out of 10 times I end up with morons.

I also started new toons on a new server. I still have my 70 hunter, 43 warlock, & 36 rogue on the pvp realm, but I now am playing on the Cho'gall realm, which is.....pvp! Yes, I have decided to make things interesting and fun. So far I am having fun but only level 11 right now so we will see how the world pvp goes. I also helped form a guild from some people that I met on a forum for warlocks. Pretty good people and a laid back atmosphere. Not sure if you have seen it, but check out the http://wowmb.net/ sometime. Nice people and good information.

Anyway, keep up the postings I love reading them!


Yes, multi-boxing requires as many accounts as you'd like to simultaneously run. In our hay-day of WOW we had four accounts in our household. We're now down to just two and as recently as last week I was about to combine it all down to just one. However, when I looked and the total transfer fees it would actually cost more than just leaving the two accounts active for another few months and see what happens.

Since the paid transfer was implemented I'm sure I've spent in the neighborhood for 300 to 400 dollars moving toons. To many people that probably sounds like a lot but when you consider that it has allowed 6 people 3+ years of playing WOW, it's not so much. We get to trade characters when we're bored, play on different servers with different people - kids have followed friends and family a couple of times. I've followed friends a couple of times. When you factor in the flexibility it has allowed it's not much at all.

As for how I controlled two at the same time, I did it the old fashion way of clicking back and forth across the different windows. Not effective but not as hard as it might sound since I use custom keybindings and macros as a rule. In combat there was only one key that had to be pressed for each toon which was casting used a chained series of spells via the castsequence command exposed by the WOW marcoing language.

More details to come...


I've just begun to dabble w/multiboxing as well. One thing I haven't seen mentioned here yet is that you can run software to broadcast keystrokes to multiple instances of the game (either on the same machine or different machines). Anyway, check this out http://www.wowwiki.com/Multiboxing_Software_Requirements

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