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April 19, 2008


Diva's of WOW

I've seen this in action only once. It was on the Alliance server I was part of. The person had at least four characters, and they all had similar names. The first time I saw it I thought my computer was acting screwy then I saw her again. I didn't think to ask them what they were using now I know.

Oh by the way the first link is broken, Dual Boxing Portal, it sent me to a nonexistent page on your blog.

Regarding macros I still haven't used macros with any of my toons I imagine it would make my life easier.


If I had the time and interest in re-leveling, I'd try to 3-box. I'd do either 2 Warlocks and Priest or 2 Mages and Priest. PVP 3-boxing would be pretty sweet too.


On my server, the multi-box class of choice seems to be shaman.
I have seen at least 3 people doing it, one of them with 5 shamans at once.
5xChainlightning is incredible, not to mention chain heal in BGs.


@Reaper - I saw that one of the popular multiboxers on the dual-boxing.com does 5 Shaman. That is one of the classes that I've had interest in playing. I did one to level 15 to see the Draenei starter zone but bailed afterward. My chief concern was the constant complaints from Shamans about class neglect. I know that they've been nerfed into the ground except for their healing spec so didnt want to invest the time.


I couldn't really say, the highest shaman I have is lvl 37 and I haven't played him in ages.
However a guildmate of mine has been playing one since release and seems to be doing pretty okay.
In Heroics/Gruul (I just started playing again, so I haven't done advanced PvE-content) he outputs around 1200 dps in S3/MH/BT gear with enhancement spec, given how important Windfury etc. are I'd say thats a pretty good addition to any party, though the dps still lack behind rogues/mages.
He is also part of a 2300+ Arena team, so PvP seems to be possible as well.
Personally I don't really like playing a shaman, but if I would multibox, that'd still be my choice.


Ok when i run key cone i move forward while my other account move the other way and i have my followed account on facus to the one i have attacking mobs she just stands there how do i fix


You have to make sure that the keys match on each character. So what are you pressing on the main and what is on the equivalent key on the other characater?


i cant find out how to make 2 of me can u help me tell me how to make more of my character plz


My question is why bother with follow? If you have both toons in the same spot facing the same direction to start with why not just control both of them equally?

Alysianah aka Saylah

Because your not standing still all the time. It would be too time consuming to move each character separately and you walk from mob to mob, location to location, etc.

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