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April 23, 2008




And so many ppl wait just to get a key.


There's a pretty interesting write-up of AoC over at Keen and Graev's blog: http://www.keenandgraev.com/?p=982

Doesn't sound like a game that would appeal to me personally. I'm not all that into the Conan lore, the PvP doesn't sound stable and I think the mature rating won't result in the player base many of its proponents think it will.

I'm not writing it off completely, but I'm with you in the wait-and-see camp.


Just a note that the FFA PvP is on seperate servers, just like PvP and PvE servers in WoW.

I can't say much, but what I can say from the PvP weekend is that I really dig the PvE, the PvP needs balancing, and ultimately this game has the most fun combat of any MMOG to date.

More heavy impressions when the real NDA lifts, likely over at TTH where I brood these days.


Oh you know that... ahem. That'll teach me to post before reading it all.

One thing that intrigues me about the open PvP servers is that cities will be safe zones and only in the wild will there be PvP. I'm curious to know exactly how bad the town exit bottle-necks will be.

I have a feeling, from all my time spent in the community these past months that the majority of eager players that are into PvP are ready for the game to be a brutal experience. But that doesn't mean Jo Blo isn't going to pick up the game, log into a PvP server and be shocked to find himself mercilessly attacked again and again until he rerolls on PvE or never logs in again.

I know a lot of people in the community used to fight tooth and nail for AoC to be ONLY FFA PvP and have no PvE servers at all. Let's just say at least Funcom's not that stupid. I may be biased, but FFA PvP is a niche audience these days.

I prefer my PvP to be in a more controlled environment. In AoC, I'm only worried about the balance in the arena games, and just how well the sieges will play out in the Border Kingdoms (which incidentally are entirely open FFA zones for end-game PvP even on PvE servers).

But really, I think most of my time will be spent in a PvE environment only venturing into PvP the same way I did in WoW... for a change of pace.


@JoBildo - Thanks for clarifying how the PVP has been implemented. I find something missing in the area of adventure and risk when I try to roll on PVE only servers. Although if the end game sieges are FFA PVP not matter what, that might be enough.

I guess I think because of the initially ravenous cries for FFA only, I think the people the roll on PVP will be those brutal wanna stomp you in the ground crowd. I don't a good fight. I dont mind a fair fight. But as a solo player, I'm not going to have a gang around to keep me from being ganked or mercilessly camped so that give me pause when considering this game.

Gankage doesnt worry me in the other games that are coming out, as I expect them to be similar to WOW. But something about this particular crowd just lends me to believe that it will be more like the roving death squads on EQ2 and that's not for me. However, you've said the combat is good so I haven't written this off and will just continue to wait and see.

Thanks for the information.


No problemo. Just did some further thinking on the issue of bottle-necks myself. Might want to give it a read and pay attention to the "solution" I came up with... *wink-wink*. Keep in mind I'm not saying I know this is how it is on FFA servers for a fact... but you know *wink-wink*. Oh I'm sorry there must be something in my eye.

Still as a solo player, your best bet will likely be a PvE server where you can choose your fights while leveling up and then head to the Border Kingdoms for some even leveled open zone PvP later in the game.

Heck, you could always join us TTH staffers on whatever server we roll on. We'll watch your back. ;)

Open beta is next week and the NDA will be lifted soon. All the info you could possibly want will be making its way very shortly.


Interesting stuff there, JoBildo. *hands him some eye drops* :) Can't say I'd be that interested in FFA PvP (at least as I've seen it in other games). I'll just have to wait and see what the feedback is before jumping in.

I haven't seen anything about flagging / unflagging in PvE servers. Is there a similar set up to WoW where you can opt to be PvP-enabled even though it's a PvE server?


You know I'm not sure on that actually... honest to Jeebus. I didn't even look into it yet.


Oh, and finally added you to my blogroll. I can't believe I never had. I'm always stopping by... my bad.


@JoBildo - Since I have your attention, what the heck does your name stand for?? I wondered about it the first time you posted a reply but it slipped my mind.

thanks for link will do same. I'm bad about keeping that up as well. heck, i often for get to see if real comments have gotten snagged in the "spam filter" until someone emails me asking to free their comment. :-)

If I join the AoC crowd, I'll try stepping out of character a bit and find out where the TTH folks have landed. Happy BETA, I'm going to skip Open as well.


It's a long story, but my real name is Bill. In elementary some older kids thought it would be cool to mix it with a certain female toy and thus the nickname "Bildo" was born. It stuck, but I always thought it was a little too misconstrued as dirty, so when I started working at IGN and now TTH, I added the "Jo" which is my wife's nickname.

JoBildo I am.


I was also invited to the Fileplanet Beta, but the keys were all taken for the day, and after seeing the download size I will pass. I don't want to dip into AOC until I see what the reactions are. So far, I have heard that:

1) The graphics are outstanding
2) Combat is difficult but fun
3) Special moves in combat don't work unless you are standing still
4) Casters appear to be the toon of choice right now

I am not all that interested in a FFA environment, I believe someone needs to be able to watch each other's back. Who can you trust in that type of environment?

I am waiting on the game just as you Saylah.

Gaming Diva

I was almost temped to pull out my Windows notebook to see whether I could be lucky enough to try this out, almost. Too bad they don't offer support for Mac. :-( There are a lot of Mac gamers. Thankfully more game developers are making games available for the Mac.

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