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March 24, 2008



Nice to see you back on the blog, even if it is only briefly.

I started playing WoW again right after Christmas, mostly due to a complete lack of choices. I have enjoyed it to some extent, I even have a few alts I have leveled up somewhat. I have a 39 warlock named Romagoth and a 29 rogue named Romannus that I am enjoying, especially in Battlegrounds. There of course are the stupid people still playing, and it does get aggravating, especially in a battleground, but so goes life I guess.

I preordered AOC about 2 months ago in anticipation of getting a decent game. I decided to check on the status of its release date last week and saw that it has been pushed back yet again to late May now. No more for me thanks. I canceled my order, not sure if I will bother with it now. That is at least 5 times it has been delayed, and I am not sure how I feel about that. It either means they are making sure all of the kinks are worked out, or it means that they are having a lot of problems in general, and I am leaning towards the latter.

Anyway, if you have any advice as to how to play a warlock to 70 efficiently and how to do well in battlegrounds (especially WSG), I am always listening! Hopefully you will find something fun to play soon.


There was a nice leak site going around the blogsphere awhile ago, betaleaks.com or something. Based on the different postings there Warhammer has a ways to go and I wouldn't expect it til September. Age of Conan is looking good though they still have a couple of things to fix. The combat is quite different and there is no auto attack or auto aim in the game. Its not as twitchy as a FPS but its deffinitely more involved then even Tabula Rasa.

I've had to step out of playing MMOs for awhile and I only play WoW for PvP nowadays. Picked up Sins of the Solar Empire which has come with a lot of recommendations. So far its been entertaining.


It's rather slow at work this week which isn't common for this time of year. I sense of a lot of emotional fatigue and people just look defeated in the face of all the plunging stock prices, revolving door of executive departures. So many decided to take vacation time during spring break. I didn't so my day is manageable with few fires and need it now demands.

As far as the Warlock - lots of fun leveling. Going Affliction or Demonology focused will serve for leveling. Affliction probably has less down time with the mana regen from Dark Pact. Demo til the Felguard is awesome for leveling too and 1v1 or 2v1 survivability. Or you could go SL/SL which would also have you set for the more popular cookie cutter PVP spec. I like Soul Link/ Siphon Life spec whereas my son hated it. I hated the deep affliction build. I haven't level a Warlock in so long. I was at 60 be Silithus released soooo that's going back a bit. :-) There might be cool options for leveling in Destruction that I wouldn't have experienced as it was never my choice as an end game spec.

Hmm, my hand-eye-coordination isn't the best so I'm not sure how proficient I'd been in the combat system that has been implemented in AoC. However, if it's the only thing going at the time, I still might give it a try. It's funny how you get used to things. I remember the first time I played an MMO which was AC1, I recall thinking, "WTF is with this auto attack crap?" Before that the only games I'd ever played where console games with the kids and you didnt have auto-attacks - as you can imagine, they always pummeled me into the dust. :-)


@Relm... I keep hearing about Sins lately. After reading your post I went to the official site to look around. It looks interesting - solo EVE-like game? I'm wondering if someone who doesn't have the game is able to log on and watch in observer mode? It would be cool to see what it's about. I don't typically play RTS games but this has my interest mildly piqued.


Hey Saylah,

I'd keep an eye on AoC. I have it in very good confidence that it will turn out a refreshing take on the genre. ;)


There is a demo at gamespot I think if you don't mind signing up to become a member.


Tipa at WestKarana has a good post on the game. Its basically like Warcraft 3 mixed with elements of Master of Orion. There's distance between the planets so its not as hectic as most RTS games.

In other news apparently the people from EA Mythic just confirmed Warhammer really is delayed until Fall.

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