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February 07, 2008



Flip them the bird and blog anyway.


Eureka I

When the chips are down, the people who love you have to come through for you. I'm really great at thinking of ways to beat whatever is getting you down, within reason. Remember that I've lived through the worst, so I might be able to help you get through this one, or at least help you adjust your perspective (and I know that you have a lot of experience there, as well). If you need a friend, you know where to reach me.


When I got out of grad school I had three major job offers with varying salaries. I finally chose the one that paid the least but with the better benefits and a heavy stress on work-life balance. All of the companies claimed not to believe in overworking their employees but I decided to investigate and found friends of friends at each one.

Everyone I talked to at the higher paying ones said 60 hour work weeks were common especially during deadlines. These companies seemed to survive off the fresh and naive. I couldn't find anyone who had worked there longer for three years who wasn't upper management The truth of the world is that some companies design business and technology jobs to slowly eat you alive until collapse.

If your in such a position I would look for something else, anything else.


For three years I've stayed on the fence about moving my career to that next level. Having had cancer makes you wonder how much of this is really worth it? I mean, when it's all said and done and they're chipping out your tombstone, will it have been worth it??? To some people yes - they define themselves by their careers. To others not so much - it was just a job. I used to be the former.

I came off the fence a few months back when the third offer of a promotion came my way. I knew if I turned down another, it would be the last offer given. I told myself that I could do this job for two years then write my ticket just about any where I wanted to go. However, I'm not even sure I want to go where this ticket would take me anywayz. Now I tell myself, stay until the golden parachutes of executive layoffs hit and at least receive some compensation for blood given. I could take a few months off to relax, regenerate and then decide. Only now I'm not so sure I can survive that long. :-)

/ends As the World Turns moment


@Saylah - I am a relative nOOb to your blog I guess (been on here about a year), because I had no idea you had a bout with cancer. I am saddened to know that you were afflicted but very glad you seemed to have survived it. Cancer is a very real subject in my family, as my grandfather died from it (on my 18th birthday no less, and I still maintain that the Chemotherapy was what did him in). In addition, two of his brothers and a sister have also died from cancer, so my outlook for the future is bleak to say the least. My father is now almost 63 and doing fine, but my grandfather was 68 when it hit him and he died at 69. In any case, I for one am glad to have come across this blog of yours. I have never met you but I know that you are my kind of person and I would buy you a drink as a friend if we ever did meet.


@Roma - Thanks. I'm doing fine and have had a full recovery. I'm sorry to hear about your own troubles with it. We share a similar situation in that many close to us - grandmother, both uncles and aunt, have all fell victim and not survived it.

I'm glad that you yourself are well and that you somehow stumbled upon my tiny slice of the blogosphere. :-)

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