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February 18, 2008



Well if you haven't dropped eve yet due to RL, just remember: EvEMon is your friend. Even if you can't afford to buy new skills there's always getting all your existing skills to 4/5 and hey it's a perfect time to learn all those learning skills that when you're actually playing the game are just a drag to learn. (the ones that improve your skill learning speed). EvEMon runs in the tray and can let you know when a skill got learned and it's time to put in the next one. Very useful if you've got limited play time. Nothing quite like getting back and suddenly being able to zip thru things that took you way too much time before and/or being able to equip tech 2 equipment on your ships you weren't able to before.


@Letrange...I haven't been as diligent about it as I was a few weeks back. I miss days here and there but yes, I'm still training. I had purchased the next 4 books on my training list before my departure in preparation for when I'd be able to use them.


On a side note, I just noticed that the new Warhammer Online game is a product of EA. In addition it was delayed last November through the middle of this year. Not good. I will probably stay away from it. I am not a big fan of Electronic Arts.


I´m on a very similar situation. EQ can be very time consuming, good luck with everything.

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