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January 28, 2008



Aww, thanks Lauren. And thanks for being a part of the show, and for all the support!


I know this is not related at all to the discussion, but I have a question for Sayleh (and anyone else who feels like answering):

What is the fastest way to level in WOW; grinding or questing?

I am just curious, because sometimes it seems to take forever to level and other times not so much. Any advice/personal experience is helpful :)


I think it depends. On my priest which was my third serious character, I used a guide that did mostly quests. Whenever I didn't want to quest I did a bit of grinding. However, even Shadow spec'd a priest doesn't kill as fast as other classes and the mana dependency can slow you down.

On my hunter and paladin I did very few quests. The hunter was SUPER easy to level by just farming (grinding). The Paladin not as fast but once I got to the level where I could AOE grind with her then it was fun, exciting and a very different way of playing the Pally so the time flew by.

I think the class where I did the most quests was the first one - the Warlock. And frankly, it took forever or at least it felt like it compared to the others. I guess I was also doing instances too back then which I completely skipped on the subsequent toons except for the ones that give you those milestone gear and weapon items...VC, SFK, SM, ST and maybe BRD.

For leveling now I'd skip old world quests unless you just like them and dont want time running around too much. In Outlands, I'd quest as much as you can stomach. They're pretty good, give good gold and gear/weapon upgrades.


@Saylah - thanks for the helpful info. I recently returned to WOW after a 2 month break and feel somewhat refreshed (at least for now). I am playing a warlock and have gotten him to level 28 mostly by questing. In my situation however, I never did a lot of the area questing I am in now because my hunter is a night elf. My 'lock is a human, thus I have been in places my NE was not in. Most of these quests are new to me. Do you think I have leveled him fairly quickly = level 28 since January 5? I play a few hours every night and almost strictly solo. I also still mess around with my hunter a little and other toons, so I probably do about 2 1/2 - 3 hours a day on my warlock. As always, your opinion is priceless!!

I have really enjoyed reading about your EO experience, but sadly I will probably never bother with it since I am just too enamored with actually controlling a person rather than just a ship. My concern right now is whether to try out Age of Conan in March or not. If I preorder it I get an in game mammoth mount. What if I don't like the game though? Then I am stuck with the $50 price of a game I don't want. I have yet to be selected for beta, and that is how I usually get around actually buying a game before I play it. I had that experience with Guild Wars and LOTRO and thank goodness I didn't lose any money with either of them. The thing I find interesting about Conan is that the first 20 levels of the game are a stand-alone game. It looks good so far, but we will see. I am just not sure what to do about it yet.....

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