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January 24, 2008



You know, I actually DID get Vanguard for US$9 (which included shipping to Europe) about a month ago, and it STILL completely disappointed me. I cannot imagine how much it would have left a bad taste in my mouth if I had forked over the US$50+ for the game when it came out new.

I wanted to like Vanguard -- I really, really did. I even read every positive thread about the game that I could find in various forums, which talked about how the game had changed, how things had gotten way better, how cool the crafting is, etc etc. After waiting for two weeks for the game to be delivered, installing it, and patching it, I was given a character creation screen that looked like some kind of pre-beta build. Sliders to change the various options? And bad sliders at that, where I could barely get the option I wanted because I had to move my mouse a microscopic millimeter to the left or right? It gave me pause. Plus, the fact that the environments and character designs look quite similar to EQ2 was a bit of a downer.

I made a wood elf druid, and ... got very disillusioned with the game, as even the starter quests seemed like a knockoff of WoW's. Where was the great storylines and all that stuff that Vanguard fans were raving about in the newbie areas? By the time I got to the next town over, I was left feeling like I ought to have just resubscribed to WoW. At least the world would look prettier, I would have a beautiful UI (I love tinkering with addons), and I wouldn't feel like I was punched in the gut. And this game cost me only 9 freaking dollars (which included shipping to another continent!).

And the crafting system I was so anticipating, and kept reading forum posts and faqs about? Total letdown.

I didn't last two days in Vanguard. I guess it just didn't click with me. I mean, I fell in love with WoW by the time my first character got to level 3 (which would have taken me, what, 20 minutes?) -- and this when I was adamantly against it at first, because I still was in love with my beloved MUD (online text game) and was feeling smirky because I thought that there was no way a graphical MMO game could give me the same breadth and depth of feeling I had. I fell in love with EQ2 after about an hour (and experiencing crafting!), I liked EVE after playing it for about four hours in.

Vanguard was different. And no, I wasn't going in with any hugely hyped expectations. I actually went in WANTING to like the game, hoping that I would love it, that it would replace WoW/EQ2. But no.

Now I'm back to playing WoW with my husband. :P We rerolled on a different server and are having so much fun leveling our little lowbie characters.


Yikes, sorry for the essay! I guess I needed to let it out, hehe.


No need to apologize, I love long posts. It means that whatever I wrote triggered a passionate response - for or against my opinion. Either way, it's all good and what blogs are about!


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