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January 21, 2008



Nice guide. I've been playing eve for over 2 years and still enjoy it. People really need to understand that this game IS a pvp game at the end of the day, and a lot of people see the pve aspect as purely a way of funding pvp.
Hope you keep playing.


One other, and some argue the best, way to make ISK in EVE is trading. Playing the markets, buying low and selling high, can make a great deal of money, and it doesn't really even require people to train many skills. It's a tough business to get into, and personally I find myself unable to really compete properly in it as my brain goes wobbly looking at too many numbers, but a lot of the richest (we're talking 100+ billion ISK) players in the game made a great deal of their wealth with the market.


I've paid for most of my ship & equipment with money I've made salvaging.


Definitely salvaging for the win.

I dont doubt that playing the market can net some big money but I dont think that's a new player option. You need funds that you can risk not making a profit from if you aren't able to sell higher than the purchase price. I think that's more mid game experience option.


I tend to view trading in EVE as an investment, rather than a source of income. Even when you have little isk to work with, you can make really nice profits with the isk that is otherwise sitting in your wallet.

If you are saving up for something, and don't need to spend the isk right away, I would seriously consider trying out some very limited trading. Even just starting with some simple T1 modules that everyone uses, such as armor or shield hardeners. Just look them up on the market, and you'll notice that the highest buy orders are way way below the lowest sell orders in general.

So all you'd have to do if you had a bit of extra isk, is set a buy order for a few of these, and then a sell order for them by doing:

right click item
sell item
hit the advanced button on the sale popup UI
set the price you're asking for (0.01 isk lower than the lowest one already for sale), the number you want to sell, and the length of time (I almost always do the 3 month option)

Armor or shield modules can be good for this. So can drones, ammo, or anything else that people generally get as loot off rats and insta sell on the market (which is your buy order!). Select items that have a very high price between the buy and sell. Its also best to do this at a popular trading station in your region (Oursulvert and Dodixie in Gallente space as examples) as they fill faster.

As an alternative, when you loot your missions, keep a couple of items and stockpile them instead of insta selling. When you have a half dozen or whatever, put a sell order up for them. This way, it takes a bit longer to get your isk, but you can get a ton more than you would by insta selling them.

Just be advised, that without training your trade skill, you're only allowed a combined total of sell and buy orders of 5 or so. You can browse the trade skills to improve this number and other trade related skills (including the beautiful thing that is margin trading).

As far as making isk, missions are great, and so is salvaging as you say. In fact, I think they should add it to the tutorial, and give you the skill book and a salvager by the end of the tutorial missions if you ask me.

In my corp, what we usually will do is group up to do level 4 missions. Older players will fight, and we'll ask younger players if they want to loot/salvage. At the end of it, all the loot and salvage is sold, and everyone gets an equal share. Its not an exciting job, but if someone is doing it while the mission is ongoing (mindful of the risks and when to warp in, ect), it saves a ton of time having for the older players to have to go back and salvage/loot after thier done the mission. The cash is way better than a 2m skillpoint character could make on thier own though. =D


@Draekas... Great tips on how to try out trading. I have some ISK to burn/invest at the present since I can't get into the ship I want next for lack of skills.

That's a great idea your corporation has going. As my ship reaches its end of life for the level of missions I'm trying to solo, the whole complete the mission and salvage takes A LOT of time. Between warping in and out to survive the encounter, then going back and salvaging everything, the time really adds up.


You're making me really want to re-subscribe my EVE accounts. Ya, I used to dual-box there mainly for the time savings - I could run the mission with a military ship and have my salvage ship "in tow," or be out mining my mind away while running back and forth with my hauler and guard ship. Salvaging missions is a good way to make a fast buck, and mining is easy, steady money - something you can do while watching TV, or playing another MMO, LOL.

Very good, spot-on tips as well. Definitely do the intro missions - this cannot be stressed enough, you get two, TWO! ships out it! And get trained up to use salvager and tractor beams - they easily pay for themselves in a very few mission salvage runs. Then if you want to, train up mining so you can make money semi-AFK while you're supposed to be watching some movie or doing "real work," or whatever.


LOL Marchosias... It is definitely a very alluring game. I don't think it would be one I'd dual box but I can totally see how much faster things can be accomplished. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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