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January 05, 2008


Van Hemlock

Some tips on performance I noticed with the Trinity upgrade that might help. In the graphics options tab, try turning HDR off, and Shadows to None. Those two don't seem to make it any less pretty, but did seem to help a lot with framerate.

Other than that, basic lag can't be helped, but is less of a problem out of the starting system - sheer number of players in the Local list does it.


Thanks. I will try that and see if it helps. Someone else said to close the Rookie channel when I log on and that seemed to reduce the lag a good bit.


Why does Eve have such a great rep for graphics? It's a deep game, but the graphics are just mood setters; like painted backdrops for a play. Take another look a the planets or moons - bare basic colored baubles (which you can't even orbit properly). Compare how EQ2, GW, LOTRO do the graphics for their game environments (the water, hills, trees, cities) and how Eve does its stuff (moons, asteroids, stations). I used sometimes to wander round EQ2 or WoW or LOTRO zones just for the sightseeing - never do that in EO! Sadly..
And, it seems to me, that a sci-fi space game, even if aimed at pvp, should encourage exploring. (A five year mission...)


I guess because they've found a way to make the black void look good. Most of space is just blackness but I find the overall affect spectacular. The other games have a harder job yes, especially if they're going for photo realism like EQ2. Mood settings or no, the average player finds EO graphics rather impressive. :-)

CCP Hammer


We're going to be overhauling the planets and other celestial objects later this year to go along with the overhauled ships, stations and stargates that we released in the Trinity expansion. But I think our reputation for good graphics comes from how the "classic" graphics looked in 2003 when the industry standard was DX7. We were doing a lot of tricks on the CPU to simulate pixel shaders which are now standard fare and hardware accelerated.


I've been enjoying the blog. We're working on a lot of things related to the experience of new players. We've actually got a scrum team consisting of 2 designers, 2 programmers and a QA engineer dedicated to the new player experience. We realize the initial complexity puts off a lot of pragmatic new players who just want to have fun and can't be bothered to work for their fun like the diehard sci-fi fans were willing to do when the game launched.

We're working on the other things you mention as well such as hot keys for controlling drones and battling the ISK selling spam without over restricting trial accounts as well. I'm actually pretty excited about the things we have in store this year.

Keep up the good work.

Noah "Hammerhead" Ward
Lead Game Designer EVE online


Thanks Hammer, that’s good news :-)
Can I make a suggestion? Surround the team who will work on the celestial objects with print-outs of pictures of each the moons of Jupiter and Saturn; especially the awesome, awesome stuff from Cassini. Get your crew to compete to find the most amazing astronomical pictures they can, till they know intimately just how beautiful and humbling the universe is – and till they realise just how much of that could realistically be implemented in, and add to, the game.

And I hereby announce I’d be willing to give a (small!) prize to the designer of the best planet or moon or multiple star or nebula ... to be called the Slartibartfast Prize in honour of the late Douglas Adams. I’ll put the ISK in escrow...


CCP Hammer,

That's great news. And wow, just wow on commenting on my blog! Sure I notice the planets go use some work but as I've said, the overall affect is so brilliant that I barely notice. Personally, I can't wait for the avatars and being able to walk around the stations.

CCP has made some significant strides toward enhancing the new player experience. Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing the changes.

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