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January 08, 2008



Thanks to your in depth revies of EO, I decided to check it out. I only got as far as the website before realizing it is not the game for me. I need more than an avatar to play a game. I was hoping the EO experience included leaving your ship and exploring worlds, but alas no such luck.

As it turns out, I am playing WOW again; at least for now. My brother in law visited over this past weekend and he is the one whom originally introduced me to the world of WOW. He brought his laptop and of course was playing, so I decided to try it out again after a near 3 month hiatus. I have found it relaxing now that I had an extended break from it. I will never be a raider. I will not allow it to consume me as it did before. I was in such a rush to hit 70 that when I did nothing else was fun afterwards. I will not allow that to happen again. So I created a new Pally and Warlock for future play, and am still playing my 70 hunter. One mistake I would recommend for others: if you ever decide to quit a game like WOW, don't give all of your items and gold away. You may come back someday and have nothing. *sigh* Now I have to start from scratch financially. Oh well, at least it isn't consuming me....

Good luck with EO Saylah, and keep pumping out the updates. Your blog is always a good read. :)


My comments are being filtered as spam...:(


Ha, I'm glad you're having fun with EVE. :) My husband got me back into it only a day or so ago, and I'm having a really great time. I started a different character from what I was before (which was a Gallente Intaki business woman type) -- now I'm an Amarr Khanid Special Forces woman, and it's been awesome fun running missions. Still haven't found a corporation to join yet, but I'm not sweating it. I thought I'd take it easy and see how things go.


Oh, I just remembered. One thing I love about being Amarr is their ships -- this is the first time I ever owned ships that were symmetrical! It was quite a pleasant relief for my brain, not having to think that my ship is 'unbalanced' like a bird with one wing grossly deformed and the other all big. Heh.


Hah! A million isn't much at all really. I guess many corporations would get a few recruits for just a million, with a few having the chance for saying around longer.

But finding a corporation and people to play with is crucial. A game like Eve really is what you and others make of it yourself, just mining and missioning will bore most people after a while including me, there are some exceptions though.

I'm kind of curious what corporation you got into, building a station really is quite ambitions and can only be a long-long-term goal for any alliance/corporation that isn't owning space already.

I do think that being in a growing corporation with some good leadership with goals like these, can be a lot of fun, though. But otherwise I could suggest you checking out Eve University for a few months and then decide in what way you want to continue, I almost hear only good stories about Eve-Uni.


Thanks Roma...and sorry about the filtering. I have no idea how to stop it or get some of the comments to go back to being most recent at the bottom. I might have to open a support ticket.


Romagoth, CCP has the whole 'being able to get out of your ship and wander around' thing in the works. Not sure how much of avatar-type stuff they'll be implementing, but it's coming. I felt the exact same way about avatars too, and though I still wish I could see my character, the ships tend to have a personality of their own and I kind of got used to thinking of myself as the person inside the spacecraft.


I know it isn't your fault Saylah. I will work through it, just as I do with other things in life. :)


Yes, they do have the avatar implementation already in development. That is going to be awesome. Even if it's initially nothing more than walking around while you're fitting, repairing, processing, searching the market, etc. It's going to be a wonderful experience.

I wonder if they will let people change their avatar appearance at launch?? Some people may not have taken too much care with their visual appearance since it was only a static image. I'm a woman, so of course, I took the time. :-)


"I'm a woman, so of course, I took the time. :-)"

Haha, me too. My husband always teases me about the amount of time I spend in games during the character creation phase. Hey, it's not my fault that I want to look good. If I can't be totally beautiful and sweet-looking in real life, I'd like to look like that in a game. :P


@Mallika - I am totally right there with you. If men can take the time to create female characters so they have something pleasing to stare at while playing - or so the excuse goes, I sure as hell am going to make sure that my character which reflects my actual sex looks good!

Like you said, this is fantasy, if I cant get my groove on here then where? *wink*

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