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January 19, 2008



Good read and I'm often surprised there are actually corporations/alliances like these. It's just not all that hard to avoid being shot down. My corporation has been full-time at war with several other corporations, I joined it quickly after my trial and never had any serious problems with it. Just keep an eye on Local and have everyone report enemy positions and you can do pretty much everything you want to, like missioning/mining, if you're really into that.

Especially in Empire space where there's always a station to dock, it's quite easy to avoid heavy losses if you're a bit organized. But I guess it's different in a corporation with 50% of the people being total newbies, without even competent leadership to lead the newbies in a good direction. Undocking and warping in and out, before fighting? Hah.

Anyway, good read. Don't give up on Eve. :p


The urge to nitpick details is strong... (deadspace is not private instance etc...) but I will resist!

Real comment after part 2 ;)


@Theo...it's not? Well it seems to be a private space that no one other then me can enter. In fact, I asked if that was the case in corp chat and was told that it is a private area.

@Nuyan...No, I haven't given up on EO. :-)

Azumi Kurosawa

Hmm not sure what they hit your fleet with sounds like it could have been a Bomb from a stealth bomber would most likely kill any staionary or slow moving frigs and do pretty major dmg to cruisers.

Kinda reminds me of the story of when one of the major alliances had a fleet of 195+ ppl waiting on the gate when someone noticed a bright light/electrical looking field.

Legend has it the words "Hey guys look at that funky light" were the last thing typed in local before an intense burst of bright light reduced the whole fleet to 195 wrecks and a couple of puzzled ppl in pods.

Turns out unknown to them the ppl they were fighting had a Titan class ship and had just used it's doomsday device to nuke them.

Apparently the titan pilot got so many killmails it crashed his computer and took him 3hrs to get back in game :)


Well it was interesting to say the least and a lesson in the intensity of EO warfare. :-)

I will be looking into EVE University as my next home.

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