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January 11, 2008



Cool. That'd probably really be like it is. A rookie, new to the job, new to the ship, thrown into a space battle, worrying about the things you'd expect to be worrying about, and worrying about what "that" button does, and "that" one. Now I guess they can't take out a station. No Deathstar looming in another quadrant prepared to send a message or something. The graphics are really nice too.


Haha, this story made me laugh out loud, thanks. Think all the newbies feel this way at their first fights though, but there really is nothing to worry about in just a frigate!


Fantastic writing.

I've been wanting to try Eve for a long time, and this post is stoking the little flame of interest to a bonfire. This looks like the kind of game my addictive, obsessive/compulsive self would really, really enjoy.

No time though. Must resist. It would help if you wrote poorly and your content was boring.



Yep, sounds like a newbie diving in the deep end. I got luckier since the corp I joined was in an alliance that actually ran training ops. Spend an hour or two getting used to the idea, how to setup your overview. How not to shoot at your own side (trickier than you think if you still have auto target back on and are being supported by logistics ships). etc...

One trick you may want to try instead of "fly to the station and hope" has to do with setting the market panel (you can do this while in space) to show all the goods in a region. Then you simply search for your ammo using the search tab (faster than trying to traverse the list if you know exactly what you want) and in the details tab (once it shows up) you can sort by distance (if you're in a hurry - like trying to get to an op) or by price (if you want the best deal cuz you're buying in quantity). Then you can right click on an interesting proposition and select either set destination (if you're not in the same system as what you want to buy) or dock (if you're in the same system). You can even buy ahead of time and it'll be waiting for you when you get to the correct station to pick it up.

Don't hold it against people for failing to point this out to you earlier. Lord knows this is a complex game with more options and info than you can shake a stick at. Part of it is just learning where all the info is. Really brings home the "massive" part of MMO.

See you in game (and yes since there is only 1 server, we can run into each other) and fly safe :)


Yes, it was quite the rush but I definitely had fun. It's the type of over the top experience that I crave in games. I have to admit that my hands were shaking a bit and I was more than happy the log the hell of afterward!

Thanks for the compliments and readership. If you think this was funny, what happened the next day well...I leave it for tha actual post. *wink*

Van Hemlock

Outstanding stuff!


Great post Lauren.

I'm playing Eve right now and getting kind of lonely. What corps are you in?


@Darren...I can't tell you that until after the follow-up post. hehe.


gah! You tease.



Actually, lauren, can you contact me via email...got a quick question for you.


Sure will.


haha winners effort mate :) I remember going through the same thing.

Stick it out, EVE is the most rewarding MMO for long term game play IMO, providing you can create your own aims and goals.

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