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January 30, 2008



Good to hear :) They're normally pretty good at reimbursing PvE losses.

Don't want to flood you with info (this is common playing Eve!) but when you go try out PvP if your ship is going down you can spam "warp to" a planet or other body; that way when your ship pops your pod should warp instantly away before anything in lowsec can catch it. This might take a little practice, but as long as you avoid the dreaded lag monster you should be able to pvp in insured ships for little loss this way.


Hey again! I had commented on one of your previous EVE Online posts about wanting to try it out. And after reading the problems you had in your old Corporation I was very leery about doing so. But decided to go ahead and give it a shot. So yesterday I downloaded and installed it. I'm about half way through the tutorial right now, and it seems kinda of interesting. So who knows, perhaps I'll remain interested and get into it even further.

Thanks again for your very detailed and insightful posts!


Glad you're giving it a try. With a free trial you certainly have nothing to lose. EO is a huge and refreshing change from the standard fantasy MMO. I don't think it that it could ever become my only game but I enjoy the diversion.

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