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January 12, 2008


Eureka I

Saylah, you brought back such wonderful memories for me. How I loved grouping and setting up turrets. The Asheron's Call series was the only game where I ever felt that my guild was my family. In other games, we quested the same, but it wasn't the same.

To me, the mansions and buff bots in AC1 helped to make that family. From the getgo, people know who the elders were. It taught you to mentor (and not like EQ2 mentoring; it was a symbiotic relationship). Having that place to congregate that was just yours was such a great move.

I loved that AC1 made you feel powerful. You were in a group, yet, you could each take your corner because you could exist on your own. I actually hated when AC2 rebalanced so that we could not survive on our own and had to group. But later on, I learned to like that too. I loved fighting with a group that had turrets! I remember all the battles when turrets were set up too close to the lifestone, because anyone resurrecting would be killed from the pulls.

There are so many wonderful memories.

People tell me that the final months of AC2 were the best because the game had come back but I wasn't there at the time. The change in culture once Chaos Portal was created turned me off; it was the only place where higher levels could really grind. Rather than being this friendly world, where people loved each other, the big guilds would overrun the small, and would stake claim to one of the only rocks to set up in, so that no other groups could enter.

I think that Turbine's lack of development instead created a world where people turned on people and that sense of family no longer existed.

You reminded me of the game's glory days. I do miss it.


Eureka!!! You were on my mind when I made this post! Oh the fun we all had. The memories prompted me to search for phrase "Havok + Guilds" to see if anything showed up with your character name. Thinking of AC1/2 makes me sad and happy all at the same time. *KISSES* *KISSES* *KISSES* *KISSES*

Now I have to see if the email I had last for ***ian works. From what I knew last she and her husband left WOW for good.

Eureka I

I do miss seeing you, in game, Saylah. AC1/2 was almost like a real world within the real world.

I'm still hoping to find a game that isn't based on fighting. I want something totally new and innovative - not a new form of sorcerer, a new form of enchanter. Something totally asynchronous. I've already played the best; it's hard to get into anything else.

Keep me posted with the games you discover in the future!!

And KISSES back!!

Uzik Al Faddim

Asheron's Call is still in business and you're welcome to join us there. Get on the Solclaim
server and look for me or one of our clan.
There's still a lot of fun to be had.


@ Uzik...Thanks for the warm welcome. But I have a dirty little secret to admit. I'm a graphics snob. Yes, I know it's rather vapid of me but I must have stellar graphics to enjoy a game. It's part of the immersion and RP factor for me. Saylah = chick that requires pretty pictures.

About a year ago both my son and I both downloaded an AC1 trial. We didn't last the day. *sigh* Sorry. I hope that you'll continue stopping by even though the shallower side of my slip is showing. :-)


Is anyone familiar with the Stargate MMO? Here is the link:


Just curious....


I've been only paying a minimal amount of attention to it. I loved the movie but wasnt a fan of the series. From the little I recall, it seems like it's going to more like a DDO where you meet in common areas then group up to go out and explore/quest. If that's the case, I'm not a big fan of those types of MMOs. To me at least, it sounded similar to GuildWars in that mechanic.


If that is true, then count me out as well. I am a soloist quite often in MMO's, and I also was not a huge fan of the tv show (although how can you NOT like something with McGyver in it?). Thanks for the info!


I HATE Mr. Makeanatombombwithtwoshoestringsandapackofbubblicious McGyver! Tell Richard Dean Anderson to go back to General Hospital! :-P

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