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January 23, 2008



Laying off on Eve??? Say it is not so!! After reading your posts about Eve I finally decided to give it a shot. I got the 14 day trial and loaded it last night. It is quite the change from WoW for sure. The UI is massive and will take a while for me to get used to. The graphics are very nice to look at and the music seems very peaceful. Depending on how my trial goes I may get a full subscription and retire (for now) my WoW toons.


Not leaving just taking a fantasy break while skilling up some more. :-) Shoot me an email to #####. I wont be on there this week am working too many hours.


Interesting blog. My experiences are very much like your own, although no WoW for me! My choices have been driven in large part by which game companies support/dont support Linux users via Transgaming or wine contributions for their game clients, but I found myself back in EQ2 recently because of my son. My experiences in EVE consisted of Industrial for about the first week of the free trial, and then I chanced upon a really good PVP corp out in 0.0 and from then on it was all about non stop, blood thirsty, unrelenting PVP. My goodness, that game truly has the best aspects of PVP mastered, unlike any other game I have tried. However, losing ships in that game can be devastating enough to set you back months, so, after losing my second pimped out Drake, it was time to take a break and retry EQ2, which I have not played since the Beta tests long ago. Back then, you had to work hard just to get access to your subclass, and a couple races were locked awaiting a server-wide quest to unlock them. A lot has changed...

My son and I have made level 20 in just under two days of off and on playing, so solo/small group play seems to have really improved. Also, were still running around with mostly starter gear because the player market on najena seems to be hyper inflated and we simply cant afford to buy anything. Level 20 and barely have just 2 gold to our names, yet even the crappiest of lowby items on the market that we need is over 5 plats! Who has that kind of money at those low levels when those items would actually be needed?!.. In any case, it seems like having tricked out gear is not really needed until much higher levels so I wont lament too much.

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