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December 28, 2007



Thanks for the great reviews!! I have stayed away from all MMO's lately, WOW completely burned me out on them. I agree with you in regards to the zoning in games, it drives me nuts being transported back and forth into a quest, cave, room, or building constantly. Let us know of any further impressions you have of this game!!


You're very welcome. Thanks for you readership! I'm still on the cusp with this game. However, I can see this appealing to many people. AND one thing to be said about the zoning/instancing, this is an ideal setup for people who play MMOs but prefer to solo. LOL It's not going to get much better than this for a very long time is pirates is a genre you'd enjoy. No griefing or ganking while you're trying to quest, no mob spawn camping and seriously most everything can be done solo. If you join a society (guild) for your PVP you're set on all fronts.


I think we're roughly on the same page on this game. Me, I'm giving it an 8 out 10 at this point with reservations; I'm worried that the made the economy too complex which, quite simply, could ruin the whole thing. I'm assuming it's very complex and will be fun once I manage to get going with it.

On the other hand, the opportunity to be a seafaring swashbuckler, sinking enemy ships and taking their stuff, is a big draw and I enjoyed it immensely. Realm Vs Realm PVP wherein I don't have to risk myself against other players, but instead might contribute in other ways, and which also leaves the door open to PvP might get this carebear started in that direction.

The gamey stuff like instancing... doesn't bother me. I could see where it could get in your way if you like seeing a seamless world. The one thing I'm worried about is the British realm having 1000 players and France and Spain getting a few hundred. Would kind of ruin RvR if one side is overpopulated.

It probably doesn't hurt that I'm largely a soloist too :) .


I was wondering about population balance as well. However, if I recall correctly, the RvR is lottery participation. Any number of players can engage in PVP within that nation's waters to cause unrest - balance might be an issue there. However, the actual battle for the port is a static 25 players on each side, selected from the pool of combatants that contributed to the unrest...or something along those lines.

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