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November 20, 2007



If you're looking for some power leveling hon, all you have to do is poke me in game, we can get you to the 35+ range in 2 hours or so. I don't typically offer to level this way, but I know you've already played through these levels a few times, and it can't be fun a 3rd or 4th time.

Capn John

I suspect many players are still just leeching honor from AV. They're not playing, they're watching TV, chatting on the phone, Alt-Tabbing out to check email, and giving WoW & AV just enough attention to avoid revealing themselves as an AFK Honor Farmer.

I'm sorry for your losses, but thanks for the heads-up. I did a few pre-2.3 AVs on my 55 Rogue, hoping to win one so I could get the Heartseeker Xbow with its nice Rogue-friendly buffs, but lost all three AVs. At 60 I was considering going back in on the hope that things had changed, but if Alliance still have no clue how to win AV I think I'll just forget all about it and the Heartseeker.


Level 30-something in a few hours?? I'm definitely going to take you up on your offer Star this weekend. Hopefully, you'll be playing at some point over the long weekend.

Capn, AV is just painful - at least in the Rampage Battlegroup. Unless you have patience and don't care if you lose a lot and get very little honor compared to previous AV, then skip it until you have the stomach for it.


I know the Rampage battlegroup from the Horde side. I was recently trying to amass a little honor to pick up a Season 1 Arena weapon when they go on sale to the masses tomorrow.

Anyway, from what I see, it's kind of the same thing for us.

I follow the group to Stonehearth Graveyard. (Someone's grabbed the SH bunker. It's always seen burning so I'll assume we're defending it.)

After grabbing (but not securing the SH graveyard) a group will pull off and go down to kill Balinda and her guards. Coming back up from that Icewing Bunker is captured/being captured, and a group of us have proceeded up to Stormpike Graveyard. We always take it, and they always attempt to retake it. Even before securing the graveyard we'll head for the Aid Station. We take the Aid Station and there's been a few pesky defenders (die hards) but, yeah, it's always the same story, a Horde win.

And that's shocking because it was typically always an Alliance win before the patches. The change to the AFK system got the Horde out of the cave, and this patch really nails it.

Why are Horde so much tighter than Alliance? Smaller community that works better together to achieve goals? That'd be great, if true.

50 Honor, though, seems really too low. I thought I saw 200-300 Alliance, 300-400 Horde in our latest games. With only 50 you've barely killed a Lt.

Are your wins throught loss of Reinforcements, i.e. Horde defending, or by killing Drekk? I know the wins I've seen were by us killing Van. (I think I saw one Horde loss, I was down defending Frostwolf and we lost our last reinforcements.)


You think 50 is low, what about a big fat ZERO HONOR. Yes, I've been in a few of those and according to other bitching in BG chat they've been in many of them.

To be in AV for 30+ minutes and get no honor is just insanely stupid. I dropped my healing spec and went Shadow, so that I could at least defend what I was trying to tell them is the right thing to do. When you're holy you have no choice but to follow the crowd even if they are all idiots.

I got tired of being alone at IBGY waiting for it to cap as a Holy priest. I mean what the hell was I going to do when Horde arrived??? Tell them bad jokes and heal them to death? Sad, Sad, Sad state of affairs.


At least the queue times for all the other battlegrounds are decent now. Also I see less people leaving battlegrounds mid way through the game. Before 2.3 it seem like the alliance was continually replacing players as they left when their AV queue popped. Now with AV games giving much less honor people actually play the other battlegrounds all the way through. Unfortunately I'm starting to see AFKers move from Alterac Valley to Arathi Baisin as they follow the game that gives them the best chance at free honor.


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