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November 05, 2007



Quote “most lesbians are hot”.....LOL at that one. Are you sure you weren't playing WoW by mistake? BTW, they are probably talking about the movies, because in real life I have not seen too many "hot" lesbians. In any case, I became rather tired of those type of conversations in Wow, it was one of the reasons I quit. That, and the "Republicans are better than Democrats" arguments or "We should not be in Iraq" conversations. There are many others, but I will spare you. I am glad you are enjoying EQ2, I have decided to bypass it at this point and wait until AOC comes out next year. I know you said you aren't into it, but I stumbled across a short interview in regards to the Dark Templar class and it seems pretty cool (here is the link for anyone interested): http://www.tentonhammer.com/node/13988

It seems like a cool game so far, but we will see. I have nothing to lose if it sucks, and a lot to gain if it is good, right? As for WoW WOTLK next November, I am not sure right now if I will play that one either. Like you, I know what waits for me at the end of another ten levels, and it does not excite me. I will reserve judgment for when I see what it looks like. Does anyone know of any other MMO's coming out in the next six months or so?


@Roma... I'm done with the pre-release hype machines - game cancellations and perpetual delays have soured me on them for now. The only game I know I must try is WAR. Unless information comes out of the final beta that it's pure crap, me trying WAR is a given.

As for the others like AOC, it's a wait and see game. Not looking at classes or anything until these other games actually release and the player feedback is good.


Sweet got a character name! My power's been out all of today so I haven't been around, but now that it's all taken care of, I should be hunting you down shortly *grins and cackles*


Actually, I've been looking at PotBS which is scheduled for release in January 08. Being someone who has been around the MMO block, I think it looks like it could a bit different. Haven't been able to get into the closed BETA to check it out myself.

Short of that, I don't see any other real quality options upcoming for MMO playing.


@Star - found and happy for it. Thanks for the speedy guild invite!

@Mott - I would have like the idea of PotBS except that you can't board each other's boats and the PVE combat looked a little awkward. I agree that with the lack of anything of interest for the rest of the year. Hence, my return to EQ2.


@Saylah - How is the leveling in EQ2 now? Back when it first came out I made it to Level 20 and then it was all grouping from there on out. I've heard that there is alot more solo content, any comments?

Well, maybe once the game is released they'll look at adding that functionality to allow you to board other peoples boats. Since I haven't been able to be in any of the beta testing can't really comment on the PVE combat action.

But, I've probably played the last of WoW.


One thing you'll notice if you're a Fae is a lot more groups in the lower zones versus the older starting areas. For this reason you'll see players of different races leveling in Greater Faydwer.

Can't say if there is more or less solo content. But I've soloed thus far and I'm level 22. However, I tend to choose classes that can solo as it's my primary play style anyway. The Illusionist is really good for this purpose.

The leveling curve is steeper than WOW but I'm not in a hurry to get to the end, so that doesn't matter so much.

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