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November 13, 2007



I got the Rise of Kunark expansion to try out Everquest 2 and I'm planning on testing it out over the weekend. Do you have any advice for someone brand new to the game?

Servers, Class Choice, Good leveling area after the Sarnak newbie area? I have a friend who is trying out the Play the Fae free trial and its my hope that I can pull my MMO group from WoW until Wraith of the Lich King or Warhammer comes out.


The Fae starter area is really great. Like Blizzard, you can tell that they learned a lot since the original release and add more diverse quests.

I selected Antonia Bayle most because it's hi pop which increases the chances of finding life in the zones. Antonia is RP but you wouldn't know it by the chat. :-) However if that's not your style there are several WOW bloggers on the high pop PVE server whose name escapes me and I'm behind the firewall and work so can't look.

If you want to try it with PVP, even though I'm a big advocate of WOW PVP, I absolutely hated EQ2's PVP but if you want to give that a shot then there are WOW bloggers on Nagafen.

No advice beyond that really needed. The level objectives are as obvious as WOW just the curve take a little longer. Do take the time to save coin for larger bags and harvest in some of your down time for the money. Everyone can harvest - it's not a trained skilled.


I have 10 fae wizard and 14 sarnak shadowknight on Mistmoore now. I'm enjoying myself so far especially in trying to figure out the crafting system which is very different then what I'm used to in other games. I'll probably continue with my shadowknight but I hope it doesnt become like LOTR did in the high 30s.


What negatively happens in the 30s in LOTRO? From what I've witnessed you we see in GF is what you get. If you like the initial Fae zones, you'll like the rest. It's the best of the content at that level as like Blizzard, they implemented lessons learned from the years of developing EQ2. The other nice thing is that it is all new content from soup to nuts, you don't have to go back to the old zones to level.

I went back to the hold zones form harvesting wood and food, which seemed more plentiful in commonlands.

Ah, Mistmoore. Brent from Virgin Worlds is on that server. As are Darren and a few of the other podcasters you hear on VW. You should try to find them if you don't already have a static group.

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