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November 28, 2007



Yet more reasons that I have not played WOW in almost a month now. Canceled that subscription, yessir I did....

I wonder if the large que has anything to do with all of the kids being off for the holidays? Mmmm? What else do twelve year old's have to do after eating turkey and lighting up the post dinner cigarette? I miss the good old days of WOW....


No queue times on Shadowmoon but I hear a lot of servers in Europe are really maxed out all of a sudden. It's amazing what happens when a patch introduces content for casuals and raiders. Everyone logs on. Expect the same thing to happen with Patch 2.4 since it will have a new dungeon and raid zone.

Capn John

I hate the login queues, not that Kilrogg has had them lately, because you sit & wait in queue for 20 minutes (or more) to get in, to move half a step and stop, and wait, and wait, and wait, only to get DC'd, log back in, and get put at the back of the queue which was now 30 minutes (or longer).

There should be an ID on your account so if you log out or get lagged out, even with high queue times, if you attempt to log back in on the same server within 5 minutes (for example) of logging out, you go straight to the front of the queue, or at least to the back of the express queue with the rest of the people who got lagged out.

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