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October 24, 2007



Yes, the recent Gods and Heroes cancellation really surprised a lot of people. The pre-order boxes had already been out for awhile and the company all of a sudden made a decision to just focus on Star Trek Online.

I'm pretty sure Tabula Rasa and Pirates of the Burning Seas will make it but I have my doubts about Age of Conan.


What is your reasoning behind doubting Age of Conan? From what I have seen, it looks pretty good with a lot of background and various creatures to play with. Not to mention a very large fanbase due to the history and lore involved in Conan the Barbarian. I have not been impressed with Tabula Rasa, especially since it comes from NC Soft, those same folks whom made the very lame Guild Wars. I am curious about Pirates of the Burning Seas though. A very nice premise with a lot of potential.

I liked the moves well enough but I'm not a fan of that particular fiction series. I'm also a huge magic lover and tend to prefer high fantasy so I'm not sure if the environment in general will suit my tastes. Lastly, the elements of FPS that I've heard about in combat might put me at a disadvantage in a PVP environment since I don't consider myself very adept in that playing style. All that said about why it won't work for me. All these new players in the MMO space releasing failed IPs and/or pushing launch dates back significantly leaves me wondering about their ability to deliver on the vision and hype they've fed the masses. I'm becoming a doubting Thomas I guess.

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