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October 31, 2007



You've got to let me know who you're playing! Email or some sort. If you're looking for crafted items, well, let me help some! I know you're pretty dang independent from what I've seen and read, but I have a guild bank full of lowbie rares that are just collecting dust, and crafters of every sort. Yes, that's right, I'm flat out bribing. *grins*

I solo 90% of the time as well, if you're looking for a comfortable spot to enjoy the perks of a guild without having to worry about the hassles that can come along with it, please give me a poke!

As for the diaries - check out this recent post, it got me all inspired and what not. Another player on the AB server posted it.


Not sure why it didn't get more replies, I thought it was really well done.


Hi Star! Thank you for the very generous offer. I will look you up. I just wanted to wait until I moved past the re-do zones to be sure I was going to hang around. :-)

Pretty good timing for a small break in my work drama that happens to coincide with some bonus XP gain! Woot! I'm level 15 and counting. I don't want to rush the whole experience but I have to admit to be anxious to move past the areas I've quested in several times now.

I'm still very undecided about a profession and need some advice. I REALLY enjoy provisioning, was thinking tailor to make my armor or scribe to upgrade my spells. What do you think??


I think.. well.
Provisioning is a great money maker and the supplies are cheap cheap cheap.
Tailor is over used imo. If you play a cloth or leather wearer, the items are going for a pretty good price now. You get way more from harvesting then you do from actually crafting.
Sage is okies, but sorta boring. They all have the potential to make money and what not, but honestly, there's so much quested gear and rewards from stuff that crafted is taking a lower priority unless you've just hit that 12-22-32-42 type area and are looking for a few pieces to tide you over.

Everyone has their opinions though of course. You can make money from just about anything, but if you enjoy provisioning, I'd stick with it. Sell drinks, they'll go fast. Get me to make your gear and spell upgrades for you *grins*


I am still interested in trying out EQ2 but the trial version has a download patch of almost 3 hours. It is complete misery. Does anyone know of a way to get around this?


@Star - thanks for the advice. I'll go provisioner again. I really enjoy it. It's my favorite thing to do in the Sims as well and I always take extra care with my kitchen design. :-) Back in another life time, my ex and I owned a small bistro. That was certainly a very happy times.

@Roma - nope the download is brutal. I think mine was along 4 hours and then once you download, the patching is even LONGER. I did mine over night. Just stick with it. It will be well worth the wait. If you're into high fantasy and not discourage by a semi fragile male model, you will LOVE the Fae. They're not fragile in the WOW BElf make you wanna hurl sweet way, just very small. However, they look good in armor.

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