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October 29, 2007



This is just another example why I not only cancelled my account with Blizz, I also sold my copies of WoW. It has become lame, childish, and very, very whorish. I am praying that Age of Conan is better, at least I can have a little fun with it at first if it turns out to be another WoW. I never did a battleground or arena in WoW, and the reasons are basically summed up with what you saw in the forums. Video games are supposed to be fun, not work. If I wanted more work, I would stay longer at my job or get a second one. I am glad you are enjoying the Sims. I have started playing Civilization 3 again after a few years away from it. It is a nice change from playing with 10 year olds who yell "nerf" at everything and show their stupidity in world affairs. Anywhoooo......HAPPY HALLOWEEN ALL!!!!


Romagoth - are you at all thinking about trying Sim Societies? I toyed with the idea of a Sims-like experience where I could build up an entire community on the surface level, watch it organically change based on my management of it but not have to get into the details of managing lil Sim lives.

I'm going to wait for more players to start hitting the net with their reviews, custom content, blogs, etc so I can get a closer look for free.


Sadly, whenever I think about returning to WoW, thoughts of the whorish nature of the game are what continue to turn me away. Spontaneous fun is what I pay for in games and I was no longer getting that in WoW. Everything became a calculation: x kills to get y xp to level z. X amount of honor until y rank to get z gear. It's less a game than a virtual, multi-user assembly line with pretty graphics.

Personally, I've been having fun in Lord of the Rings Online. They added a large update recently with all new dungeons, quests and housing. For the past couple of nights, I've been having fun with kinship mates whomping on stuff and exploring the new areas. LotRO also has some pretty innovative ideas around questing and storytelling within the framework Tolkien provided.

I've heard some good things about Tabula Rasa (sp?) as well, so I may have to check that out.

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