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October 16, 2007



Hey Saylah.

You mention "Well in WOW that just leaves PUG BGs which are fine and all but eh, what is the point really?"

How about Arena Season 1 rewards, on sale for mere honor and marks?

Browsing through the regular rewards I too was thinking "Why bother." Seeing the Season 1 Arena rewards, and not being an arena player, now I see a reason for me to bother.


Long time no see, Saylah!!(formerly HunterMan72).
My video card puked out on my desktop in early September, so I cancelled my WoW subscription and was videogame-less for nearly a whole, entire month. Thought my life had ended. Anyway, I bought a new gaming laptop with a nice 8600GT video card and decided to fire up WoW again. Only paid for one month this time, just in case...you know? I have played a little here and there, but it just is not the same as it was before I hit 70. I got my pally up to lvl 15 before my video card died, but I was still rather bored. I am now playing other games, no MMO's just like you. I have gotten tired of 10 year old's running around in their 'virtual' underwear all the time. With that being said, I am strongly considering Age of Conan Hyborian Adventures. I applied for the Beta but have not been selected. What do you think about it? I looked at the updated info and screenshots, and I must say that it looks pretty sweet. Not so cartoonish like WoW.

Anywho, I am bored with WoW same as you, it is time to move on to something else. Nice to see you are doing well, keep up the blogging as I have missed it this last month or so!!


Hey Kinless, I do have some Arena 1 pieces. Last I was playing I was doing mostly BGs and got 3 pieces on my priest. I didnt realize how much honor she had just sitting there. I did lots of AV and most of an AV weekend before the AFK reporting patch and Alliance was dominating the win. However, going back to that just enough of a motivation to come back at the moment.

I think they key for me coming back beyond time to play, will be to somehow find a static group to play with again. It's not been the same since I left my initial WOW guild or my friends left the game.


Hi Hunter!! Glad you got a new PC. I would shit a brick if my PC went down for the count. Beyond the MMOs, I play The Sims, watch DVDs both physical disks and online, kick it with some flash games when I only have 10 mins to unwrap my brain and listen to the mountain of pod/video casts I play in the background while working. Yep, my PC is one of my best friends. :-)

I've never been overly excited or interested in AoC. I'm shocked that GoH was cancelled. WOW and Vanguard have certainly left a mark of would be game releases on both sides of the extreme.

I'm still looking forward to WAR. Even if its just another flavor of WOW, the new scenery and classes will be enough to entertain.


Of course I'm some what biased when it comes to EQ2 since it is my "main" mmo of choice, but since I play that as well as WoW, I suggest you give Eq2 another shot. I'm not sure what server you play on, or if you're exceptionally tied to pvp vs. pve, but Antonia Bayle (the server I happen to play on) is packed with new people returning to the game. New characters are created every day, and since it's a role play server (and the largest server as well) it's great. I never have too many issues looking for a group. There's also a select number of bloggers who are in a guild I've got, Calreth, Gothun, Cordanim, Kilanna (though she plays mostly on Guk with her main) all hang out in Torrent Knights with a few other friends. Granted, we're tiny, there's like 2-3 of us online at any one time, it's still nice for chattering.

You also mentioned lack of solo content as far as Eq2 goes -- and I beg to differ slightly. With the Arasai starter zone you can easily get to 20 solo (since the entire zone is solo) and which yes, it is harder then WoW (which personally, is the point) it is manageable. It just depends on where you go, how fast you want to get there, and all that other stuff.

Anyhow, enough of my rambling. I've been a long time reader of your site (obviously) and anything I can do to sway someone in one direction or another (Lets not forget RoK comes out next month, and sarnak, which means, more new people returning) is a bonus to me *grins and hugs* Nice to see you writing either way. I'm a huge fan of the sims.


Hi Star! Your site in particular always makes me think of going back. Maybe I did need more direction on where to find solo content. I'm not a huge fan of quests, especially fetch ones. It's nice to just be able to grind on some mobs when I want to let my mind wander. I have no idea what Arasai is, so I'll have to give that a Google.


BTW Star - is EQ2 like WOW where by you can't play the opposing factions together even on PVE servers? If so, what faction are you all playing?


Has anyone played Overlord? It's a stand alone game, but you get to play a Sauron-type character.

Might be something to tide you over....


It's not like WoW in that regard, nope. You can play together (on pve at least, not on pvp) and talk and do everything just fine - only downside is at times the starting areas (arasai are evil fae by the way, they start in darklight woods which is free content that was released a few months ago) may be hard to get to if friends play from opposing.

As for myself, I have 13 characters hon, spread over three accounts, and slots to make two more (though mentoring is easy in this game) spread from level 13-70. So you could quite easily play and be whatever you wanted.

I do see how the solo content in that regard may suck, there's not a whole lot of hack and slash solo content out there that's very worthy, it's mostly through the quests. I'm still pushin' for you to give it a shot though *grins* Like I said, I do play both WoW (though I've never ever managed to get end game) and EQ2, and there's just some things that just keep drawing me back here.


Thanks for the information, Star. I'm downloading updates as I type. I looked at the Station Access and said, "What the hell." For $29 I can have access to 3 Sony games that I already own. I've certainly given Blizzard more in our hayday of 4 household accounts.

I still don't have lots of free time yet. Mid November thru Jan is usually slow at work. I'm hoping that all of the restructuring doesn't change that pattern. Most of us have our vacation time still sitting in the bank because winter is the best time to burn it here and we can't carry it over so, will suck if things don't go dead.

A new Fae starter area peaks my interest and makes me more agreeable to starting again. I'd done 5 different Faes to level 10 trying to pick a class. Doing that content again wasn't exactly encouraging. If I can get passed the Common Lands levels it will be all new for me from there on since the highest I've ever made it was 32 in EQ2.


*Drags you over into the evil side* Look for Arysh, I'm around. Don't need a lot of time to play, just trying to coerce you *grins*

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