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June 17, 2007



And with that the addiction digs deeper once again.....to slowly sap the life out and ruin clothing and household chores.


That's for sure. I've been up until almost 2AM raiding for the passed 5 days in a row. Thankfully, Prince went down last nite!


We admitted we were powerless ...

There's worse addictions and it sounds like you enjoyed it. And got somewhere. So you take a break from your break. :)


After months of leveling my priest to 70, and then gearing up in Heroics, I was finally invited to Karazhan to help with the Romeo and Juliet encounter. I love Karazhan, but I can't say I enjoy the wipe/buff repeat scenario. But your right, the promise of uber phat l00t is quite enticing.


I hear you Wolf, I have a post coming on this topic. It's not like this was a group of scrubs either but damn, I left each night with my armor at less than 10%. Ouch.


I only recently got attuned (last night) so I haven't yet even been in on a raid in my particular guild. However, I'm ready to get in there and try to get some phat loots to make my character even better. My wife sometimes gets on my case because I play too much, but I tell her, it's healthier and cheaper than cigarettes or booze and that usually gets me a couple of more weeks of playing. After my first raid (hopefully on Tuesday), I'll check back and tell you how things have gone. Not sure if my gear is close to even good enough, but I guess we'll see.

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