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June 06, 2007



You want to work on advancing a profession in a game you dont really enjoy anymore?!


Ah, the age old question of what professions to invest in. I am probably the worst person to give advice on this, but here I am anyway, blabbing about it like I know what I am talking about. My hunter is only level 55, yet he has done(in no particular order), blacksmithing, enchanting, herbalism, leatherworking (twice), mining (twice), & skinning (twice). Yes, I have been unable to decide upon which professions to play, so I dabbled in nearly all of them. I started with leatherworking and skinning, got skinning up to 300 before I hit level 40, then got bored with it and changed to enchanting. I am now back with skinning and mining, because the bottom line is money, and the need for it in WoW is huge. I recommend you go with gathering professions, but giving blacksmithing a try isn't all bad either.


Blacksmithing from 250 to 300 will make you cry and want to punch kittens. I don't recommend it unless you have an extra 1-2k gold to spare. However along with Tailoring its the only profession that actually has nice epic items at 375.


Engineering is actually much better for a paladin than for many other classes. A lot of the items (not the guns) complement the paladin well. Bombs give you a ranged option that you normally lack.

Blacksmithing is okay, but at the high end is not that useful unless you want to go for Thunder/Deep Thunder/Storm Herald. Now, those are pretty much the best weapons for a paladin available, but a lot of the intermediate stuff is less useful.

Honestly, 2 gathering professions will get you more money which you can spend on almost anything you need. Engineering offers bombs and range, and Blacksmithing offers the BoP maces.


I've started engineering twice on different toons and never got passed 150. As far as crafting in a game I'm not enjoying anymore, crafting is something I do enjoy. And since I'm hanging on with WOW until WAR, gotta do something.


Two gathering professions would be boring. Part of it is try something I haven't done in the game yet. It's not for the money either since I can farm much faster on the Warlock than the Paladin.

BTW, I was invited to the guild that my 5v5 is in. More on that later.


I'm a 375 blacksmith and 375 engineer. I can't recommend blacksmithing, unless you have a specific weapon that you want to craft that requires one of the weapon specializations. That doesn't seem like a good fit for you if you are a holy paladin. Why not try Jewelcrafting along with Mining, or have you already done that?


Engineering is good until around 50-60. Then it reaches it's peak and drops off considerably.

But I always thought it was the most fun profession, since you have to be an engineer to use the items. And you can get to 225 easily in a day if you have around 100g to spend, assuming you have none of the mats at all to get started. If you have mining, it's less than that.

I'd check out the profession forum on the WoW boards. There may be some items that Blacksmithing or Weaponcrafting offer you later on that you really want, though.


I've heard that jewel crafters can make nice money and it would be nice to cut my own gems. I think I'll keep that at the top of my list.

Engineers scares me becuz I've tried it twice. I'd have to see if any of the items are prohibited in Arenas, otherwise it would be much fun to have the gadgets if I can't use them there.

Thanks for the input.


A bit late on this, but I'd think hard before starting blacksmithing. Like any of the crafting professions its a money sink to level, and not really worth it unless one of the bop weapons or armor pieces is a must have for you.

Alchemy / herbalism is a nice money maker, and herbalism is certainly easier than mining to level. Sure the low level pots sell poorly, but you wont be making those past the minimum number needed for leveling.

If you're thinking jewelcrafting, look at the bop trinkets. Some are quite nice, and more likely to be personally useful than gem cutting.

Haven't been an engineer, so I cant speak to that choice.


Damn, you just jogged my memory Vesper. I have a 300 herbalist/alchemist sitting somewhere. I'm pretty sure it's one of my hunters. I need to see if it's one on Illidan.


I have a mining/blacksmith warrior and a engineering/enchanting shaman, so my paladin will probably go for mining/skinning so he can gather money for both my other chars... I can also make some BOE items on my warrior to easy lvl'ing my palli!

So, if your palli is your main character I would recommend engineering for sure, the epic helms you can make are very nice! Also blacksmithing has some "ok" stuff but imo eng > bs...

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