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April 21, 2007



I completely understand where your son is coming from. While my old guild wasn't into Naxx or even AQ40 or BWL, we did do MC, Ony, and AQ20 a bunch, and we had a ton of fun doing so, but once people got to 70, only the officers would run Kara, and our guild basically fell apart. I'm currently in a raiding guild now, but I think I'm done with WoW myself. The combination of continuing to make end-game content so raid-heavy while shifting the raid sizes, as well as all the attunements and rep farming is just too much for me I think. I'm having a little fun going back to Asheron's Call (free trial), but I think it's going to be a good 6 months before I really get into another MMO again, and I'm bummed about that...


He also tried the AC2 trial. He still has fond memories of AC2. But I knew the graphics wouldn't live up to what he's become accustomed to and they didn't. So he's MMO-less for now.


I also understand where he is coming from to some extent. I have only been playing WoW for about 2 months, so I am a relative "newbie", only have a level 40 toon to show for it and have never done a raid. Yet I feel the pressure of having to group with 30-40 other people I dont know just to finish a game that I feel I should be able to finish solo if I choose to. It is rather frustrating to say the least. I will still play it until this fall when my subscription is up, after that it is anybody's guess. After initially liking LOTRO, I have backtracked a little. I find the characters have very little personality of their own, and grinding is nonexistent. Too much questing and the grinding gets so little xp that it is a waste of time. I still have an unopened box of Guild Wars, but not sure what I will do with it. After I hit the wall with WoW, not sure what I will do either. Do I take a chance on Conan? I empathize with your son.........


@ Hunter...I hate back-tracking too but I'm leaning with you on LOTRO. I like it well enough but I can't grind, which is a hallmark of how I level. I'm not big on doing quests. I do some. Oddly enough I'm a fan of the kill x and retrieve x, because they blend in well with grinding. I really dislike quests that send me running in circles talking to people, who basically, just run me back and forth like a pingpong ball. I'm finding that LOTRO has a bit too many of thooooose for my taste.

And something that I mentioned before regarding EQ2, there's some element of excitment that's also missing. There was something thrilling that was a core part of WOW that I don't see yet in these other games.

The character models are rather bland but that doesn't bother me as much as my armor looks like something a hobo would be wearing. :-) Dunno. Maybe I'm just burned out on MMOs? It's possible that nothing will give me that unquenchable excitment until I haven't been playing for a while.


I signed up for Age of Conan Beta.

High hopes for Warhammer.

I have full level 70 pvp set + epic gems. Some Arena for the Gladiator weapon.

After 5 level 60's and one 70 I'm done at 3675 arena points.


I don't know you guys might feel about this, but am personally delving back into some of the old school games (or will be shortly.) I am going to give Asheron's Call a try since there is so much new content that I haven't seen in the three years I've been away, and if that doesn't pan out, I'll probably give EQ1 a go just for some variety. EQ2 looks like crap on my PC, I'm burned out on WoW, and LotRO is a pretty WoW. Hopefully Spellborn or AoC live up to my expectations, or Vanguard gets playable soon...


sorry but what is TBC. I also see where your son is coming from, im getting sick of it and ive only been playing for three months i think they should put ina line of quests for each race annd class that are and actuall story and so you actually get somewhere instead of just hanging around.

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