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April 13, 2007


Really interesting. I loved harvest moon games, so if its as detailed as it sounds maybe i WILL give lotro a try.


It sounds like they are nerfing the heck out of farming at the moment. Pity...it sounded interesting.

LotRO is actually not a bad game. I'm considering getting a copy, even if I still need to get my Priest up to 70.


Farming is still fun. I did it on my 2nd character, the first one I tried out and got to 15 and made some money just "farming" as in killing monsters and mining and selling ore. Then I wanted to try some other stuff, so I used the silver from the 1st character to fund the 2nd.

It only took me a couple halves of game sessions to get farming to the point where I'm making money. It doesn't make a lot though, if there were no level cap it would be pointless to sit there making money with it, since higher level characters could easily make more money just killing monsters.

But it is fun to sit there farming, but from what I've read in the long term you won't make money at it or cooking either - basically both are used to provide buff foods? And they are not in demand that much? They need to add agility buff food - hunters always spend money in every game :)


Thanks for the insight.

The only other negative I've heard is that repair costs are completely out of wack. Is this the case?


It's a shame that the cooking profession is never a money-maker. Some game needs to devise a way that it's competative with potions without ruining alchemy typed professions. I always find it something fun to do. But I also have to make money to advance in the game and can't afford to have a main with an unprofitable profession. :-(

Funny that you mention repairs bills. The last time I repaired I was a bit surprised by how much it cost relative to other in game expenses. But I just blew the thought off and kept going.

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