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April 07, 2007



Yeah...was looking for you on the server for a couple of days with no luck.

About the queue...LoTR has that "tour" going on right now, so everyone and their dog is in there right now. I've got the queue thing going to, but I never waited for more than a couple of minutes.


Sorry Darren, The Sims were crooning to me so sweetly, that I couldn't resist the siren song.

I'm Alysianah on Silverlode.


Does LOTRO have a lively end-game component ala MC/BWL etc.?

I played a session of LotRO with a Beta key from DM Osben. It reminded me just so much of what I saw of EQII. I managed to get my Champion to level 7, if I remember right, in one session. Hessewulf, Spider Foe.

My wife, for whom the key was requested, played a bunch of characters a bit. She liked the Elven lands, but did not like the Hobbits as a race. For her the graphics were very much like DDO and EQII. The NPC names in Archet were just a jumble of yellow until you stood amidst them, i.e. too many trainers in too small a space.

For me I liked seeing the big, traditional, Middle Earth map. She's decided to wait on getting the game, if at all.


My sis a huge sims addict, it drives me nuts when she tells me about all the minutia with her sims and refuses my pleas to off them, sopranos style. Oh, so she says the stories in seasons are boring or something. She also plays WoW, but I can't get her into EQII because WoW is too fun, she's a nub so hasn't suffered burn out yet. I'll show her your blog. :)


They plan on having end-game content in LOTRO but it's much too early to know how good it will be yet. At least it's in the planning. For people who like the wild ride combat of WOW, this isn't the game for them. Or if you greatest joy is being ensconed in epic armor (quality and appearance) aka loot whore, then this isn't the game for you.

It's a nice game. Easy going and fluid like EQ2, IMO.

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