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April 03, 2007



Thanks for the podcast on LotR Online. Just started playing on 3/30 open beta release and it is my first MMO. You cleared up some of my questions about crafting and look forward to an expanded play in that area of the game.
For the farming of creature like the Spider Queen and the trouble it causes - couldn't Turbine make it so once you kill a boss character it would no longer drop high level goodies?
Again thanks for the podcast!!!


You're welcome and thanks for stopping by.


Yo, where is everyone playing? I'm only rolling one character.


I have enjoyed LOTRO enough to cancel my WOW account and leave the world of raids and rep grinds behind.. at least until I hit 50 in LOTRO :D
I am playing as Sheldrake on the Landroval (sp?) server. I picked it because its the "unofficial RP Server" and I am hoping the server community will be more mature than average. I plan on trying out some lite RP as I level up.



I'm on the Gladden server. My character's name is Belmirus, he's a level 10 Captain right now.

Hope to see you on.


I, and the rest of the LotRO Vault staff, hang out on Silverlode.

Name's Begud, look me up. :)


I got all excited yesterday when I noticed that PC Gamer magazine was giving away a free LOTRO open Beta invite, just to get home and have a friend tell me not to bother because the key is useless until April 6th. doh!


@ Awww, hugs Wolf.

I'm going to create my Captain on the Silverlode server with the Vault folks. I figure with multiple people in that group it's more likely that I'll actually be online with someone I "know". Since it's early, anyone else that wants to roll with us please jump ship on your current character now, before you get too many levels and join us!

I'll be on tonight as Alysianah


I'll re-roll my Captain, Belmirus, with you guys tonight on Silverlode.

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