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April 24, 2007



Good luck on the job thing and the house. That is a lot on anyone's plate, but especially a MMO'er like yourself. I also want to follow up on the ridiculousness that is LOTRO. I had very high hopes when I pre-ordered it and became a "beta" member. At first I was excited for something a little less "toony" (i.e. WoW), but was quickly dismayed at the following: 1) The characters have little personality; 2) As you stated earlier, the armor is hobo-like; 3) Way, way, way too many quests and the grinding is nonexistent; and 4) Too many people complaining in chat instead of actually trying to help each other, it was an insult-ridden experience to the point I wanted to turn ALL the chat completely off. My verdict for LOTRO is a very uninspired game that could have been so much more. Yes I know it is still in Beta, but the concept is already there and I don't like it. Barring a major overhaul of the game (I don't see that happening), I am done with it. So now I am left with a Beta version of the game and a pre-order I need to pick up from Best Buy. What to do? Well, according to the email they sent me for the pick up, if I don't pick it up in 8 days, the order gets cancelled. Bingo! The alternative is a game I won't play-do I sell it unopened? Can I even do that with a pre-order boxed game? Time will tell. Back to WoW for now, maybe Conan is a thought?


Safe travels. Looking forward to your next post!

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