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April 07, 2007



OMG... I pity you that... but at the same time it's hilarious in a "it happened to someone else" kinda way.


At least you weren't hacked.


Note: Sharing account information with others can compromise its security. (or so Blizz tells me in the "tips" section while loggging in)

I am sure he was just trying to help you out, but I can imagine your frustration. I have been saving my enchanting mats for about a year just in case a nice enchanting recipe drops I want to be ready. If I logged in and found my Green daggers glowing with crusader goodness, and my bank empty, I would probably turn into slow motion man. "Noooooooooooooooo"

On a side note, I never realized what you were talking about when you said the priest class is jacked up, until now..... I ran Ramparts 6 times this weekend, and I have to say that as a holy priest, I am pissed off that most of my heal spells work exactly the same, with many of them having the same cast time!!!?? I find myself spamming greater heal with a flash heal everynow and then, meanwhile my lesser heal hasn't been used since level 25, desperate prayer sucks ass and usually if I have to use it I am dead already, and renew tends to get me mob rushed more than it should IMO.

Desperate prayer desperately needs to be revamped to allow casting on other players. The last boss on Ramparts proceeded to drop our tank in 2 shots just about every time which meant I spammed flash heal until I was /oom. bad deal.


Grats! ;)

My BE priest is 50. Fortunately, I prefer Shadow to wack-a-mole, although I do have some healing gear. I'm just thankful that Shadow is useful at endgame now.

Oh, and I'm very happy that Tailoring got a boost. I'll have 300 on that in a couple of days.


So that you dont get killed by Trek geeks... one T in Shatner.


Oh screw the Shatner freaks. I want back my Mooncloth! LOL
Eh, I'm over it. Oh well, guess that leaves the Paladin to make her own gold. *grumble grumble*


That stupid ramparts dragon fight almost requires two healers. There's just no other way to keep everyone up during the transition when the dragon lands and fears.

On a side note sharing an account with even trusted family members can lead to bad situations. One of my friends once logged in to find that his brother had moved all of his low level horde alts to the night elf starting zone somehow while leaving their hearthstones in the bank.

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