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April 09, 2007



Hey Lauren...it was great talking to you.

Did you notice that they put most of the vendors in Bree out of the town square? I remember Bree being a slide show back in the beta and now it's not too bad...probably because of that change.


Just remember, LotRO will be the most polished MMORPG ever launched! Turbine is God and it has been brought down from the mountains and cast in stone.

The game is subpar. It isn't much fun after a couple days, and it's only redeeming quality is that it is Lord of the Rings. However, being Lord of the Rings, it fails miserably at brining Middle Earth to life. Everyone compares LotRO to WoW, but there is something from WoW that I just can't find in LotRO: fun.


I spent last night exploring the Human noob zone with a friend, and I have to say that I am enjoying LOTRO much more than I did Vanguard. There was some lag in the cities, but after asking around, I was told that on a decent computer, the lag is minimal. (I was playing on a laptop with a 128 graphics card)

The minstrel class seemed overpowered to me considering the fact that I had no problem handing a champion their arse on a silver plate during a duel. But as a minstrel, I am not complaining :)

So far the crafting seems like a money sink with little returns but I guess WOWs crafting system is the same at low levels.

One thing I enjoyed was the /smoke emote. Apparently there isn't a smoking ban in Middle Earth, as I was standing in a circle of 5 people smoking away. haha


@Darren...Yes, it was fun and I'm sure we'll actually get to play together before long. I was wondering why they moved them. Makes sense and I'm glad that they did.

@Wolf...I'm a bit concerned about the crafting. They are usually money sinks in the beginning. Hell, some stay that way until the very end like WOW Enchanting. I'm going Explorer for the two gathering professions. I might prepare fabrics but I'm not wasting time making clothing no one will want. On an alt I'm going to do farming and cooking just because from an RP stand point I want do to them. I loved cooking in EQ2 but it rarely makes big money.

@Heartless...I think we all get that you have a stitch in your side over LOTRO and Turbine's implementation. But for some of us it's a nice diversion from WOW. I've certainly never said it's the best anything. However, it is good enough until something else comes along.

My Priest at end-game WOW is DOA, and I'm not doing the merry-go-round on attunements to play a broken class. I'll level my Paladin but that doesn't change anything about the end-game, except that at least the class works. I didnt think the end-game could be more broken than pre-TBC, well Blizzard showed me how more broken and tedious it could become. My son announced that he's done raiding and has postedon the forums looking for an Arena team. He, a consumate loot whore, just can't gather up the excitment he once had for it either. That combined with the internal guild drama over break down the 40-man strong guild into little cliques to do the 10-mans is proving too painful.

WOW is what it is and was what it was, but after this amount of time played, some of us just need something new. If Warhammer was out now and delivered on their promises, I'd likely be playing that game. If Vanguard had delivered on their very BIG promises instead of releasing a buggy and laggy game, I'd be there. But Wars not out and Vanguard is beta so LOTRO here I come.


/agreed Lauren.

LoTR is not the "be all and end all", but it's a nicely executed game and has gotten the message that gamers want quality and stability at launch.

Heartless...we all know you don't like LoTR, fine, don't pay or play...nothing to see here. Peace.

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