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April 15, 2007



Bitch slapped indeed...
My WOW subscription runs out on LOTRO's launch date (ironically) and I wont be looking back. Although I have a lot of fond memories from WOW its just not enough for me to stick around through the constant punishment handed out by the devs. When I look back at the game, I had a sense of excitement about what was possible (this was back in spring 2005) and I thought I could play the game for 5 years, easily! But as BC rolled around it became more and more clear that the devs were either

A. Clueless
B. Were designing a different game from the one I wanted to play

At some point you have to admit that canceling the WOW subscription (at least until the next expansion) is the best thing to do... and to move on. The WOW forums are filled with great advice and analysis... BUT THE DEVS WILL NOT IMPLEMENT IT.

Not that LOTRO will be the be-all/end-all of my next gaming experience; but it is enough of something new to satisfy me for now. Early tonight I found a set of ruins on a hill top in Bree and just watched the landscape and the clouds passing by. A semi-sad mandolin (or whatever) playing in the background. It was beautiful enough that I paused and appreciated it.

I check my old WOW guild's forums from time to time... its filled with bitching about the latest alchemy/crafting changes and you can read the discouragement in their voices. It dawned on me that none of these games will satisfy forever. At some point you have to move on to whats next.


I'm quickly learning with my priest that I can either have +mana per 5 or +Healing/Dmg, not both, which makes managing my spell timing a grueling experience. I find myself using greater heal more and more just so I can space my heals out far enough to get one or two precious ticks to avoid going /oom. (unfortunately, this tends to pis my group off when the tank suddenly gets hit with a crit just before my heal goes off)

I could respec from Holy to Disc, but nothing on that tree makes me believe I would be any better off than I am now. I spent the weekend running Ramparts and Blood Furnace so now my priest is up to +409 healing with only +25 MPS which compared to my previous +287 healing with +50MPS makes me wonder if I should have just kept my BRD gear and tried to avoid getting hit at all costs.

My main is an enchanter but with 90% of my healers gear being BOP, the only thing I can do is send mats to my alt and then pay someone a tip for the enchant. That method does work, but it unfortunately doesn't help me level my enchanting skill.

At first I was excited to roll a Minstrel in LOTRO, but the thought of acquiring an epic guitar makes me want to barf. I really want to like LOTRO because leveling my char from 0-15 was a good time, but there is something missing. sigh....


I'm rather bitter that my healing classes didn't work out in WOW. It's something that I really wanted to do and be successful at doing. Part of it is just bad timing I guess. I happened to finish leveling just as Holy was hitting bottom. At the time, I felt a sense of relief that I at least had a Paladin already underway. I figured, "Whew, a step from having to start another healer from level 1." Now this crap hits the fan.

I hear that Protection is viable for Paladins although somewhat compromised by other changes happening in the patch. And that even under the best of circumstances it's a gear grind, but I guess I could try it. I was only doing protection to do some grinding. I didnt want that as my primary level 70 spec.

I really liked Ret in my low levels. It was fun and still allowed me to take on 2 to 3 mobs, but I hear it really lacks merit at 70.

I'm definitely going to just bump around the BGs for a bit before I decide to stay with my Paladin or throw in the towel.


In every patch, everyone wants their class to be powered up. When its not, they yell about how much they hate Blizzard.

In this case, Blizzard nerfed Pallys to create balance, and re-establish priests as the best healers. This is not a bad thing. Priests should have been the top healers all along. They did the same thing when they nerfed feral druids to re-establish warriors as the best tanks. Its a logical game decision. Of course no one likes to be nerfed, but no one likes unbalanced game play, either.

We can't all get +healing AND +MP5 AND everything else. Part of the challenge of the game is making those decisions.


Jimmy, there was another alternate, and that was to fix the priest class. Nerfing Paladins did nothing to make Priests better healers, it just made them better than a nerfed Pally. I am a priest, and we've been petitioning for reasonable fixes to our class for a LONG time.

So today Paladins don't heal as well as they did last week, and niether do I as a Priest. Exactly who did this benefit? Encounters just became harder and healing even more thankless. This isn't a job. This is supposed to be fun. And telling people to go re-grind gear is a slap in the face. Not all of us enjoy grinding for gear. We do what's necessary but to have to replace gear that was honestly gained because someone flips the code, isn't justified.

I would bet that the day your boss comes to you and says, I'm going to pay you 50% less to do the same job, you'll be QQ'g too, and looking for a new job.

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