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April 18, 2007



Lucky You! Palis are still going to be in demand post nerf thanks to their gear scaling into the clouds, while we priests get the "aromatic" end of the stick.

I spent so much time leveling my priest with high hopes of joining my friends raid guild, just to have him pst me 2 days ago with "don't bother trying to join, the GM says we don't need holy priests" AHHHH!!! Their raid is currently using shadowpriests/pali combos as their main form of healing, with no plans to change that equation.

I feel punch drunk with all of the crap the holy priest class is going through. We can't solo, we can't PVE (except 5 man), we can't drop aggro-effectively anyway- and we can't BG to save our lives. I'm thinking I will spend more time ganking with my rogue outside The Undercity until Blizz decides to fix the holy priest.

LOTRO was fun for what it was, but IMO, it is a WOW clone, and Turbines decision to make me choose a set of 3 different crafting profs, instead of leaving that decision up to me, turned me off. That and I think it is lame to kill mobs by setting their soul aflame with a furious mambo (minstrel).


I agree that the (minstrel) is really lame in LOTRO, and the pet-less Hunter is less than adequate. I think the 3 profession vocation system is absurd but I can deal with it for the most part. Hopefully they will wake up and change that in the future. Perhaps my biggest complaint right now with LOTRO is the absence of any magic. Unless you want to waste your time healing everyone in sight and getting no recognition for it, magic is absent from LOTRO. Why is this? Did the original tales, from the Hobbit thru the Return of the King NOT have a wizard? I do not understand this...perhaps Turbine will need to look at this problem. I know a lot of people that will not bother playing because of the magic-less game experience (minstrel does not count-how lame!!).


Oh gawd Hunter, please don't raise the spector of why no magic in LOTRO here. The lore fanbois will start a wail so loud and long, I'd have to shut the blog down for weeks to calm the madness. :-) But since "you" mentioned it, not me, I'll add that lore be damned, I wanted magic in LOTRO. MANY, MANY, MANY, MANY fans of MMORPGs play magic casting classes, myself included. The only reason I didn't complain about it much is that the Captain is actually pretty cool. Although according to the forums, Captain will be the last class anyone will want for raids. Damn, game is not even out yet, and I'm at the bottom of the pecking order for PVE content. WTF. *giggle*


@Wolf...Man, I so feel your pain! It was disappointing enough to hit 60 and realize that I wasn't exciting about the prospect of healing end game raids. The PVP helped to less the blow and I was motivated again by the TBC content, only to find out that I was completely ass-out healing as Holy compared to every other healing class.

It's long road leveling a Priest, even if you're Shadow, when you spend most of your time sans shadow healing anyway - but with less tools to get the job done. But the soloing work is fabulous being Shadow. Still, you want to live the dream as main healer so you respec at the end, only to be slapped down and squashed like a bug because you're inadequate. Sounds fun. uh?


I cannot begin to understand the lack of magic in LOTRO. Like I said in an earlier posting, there WAS magic in Middle Earth. Turbine just chose to omit it in their game because of some reason only known to them. My main is a captain right now as well and he is pretty fun. The battle cry is chillingly eerie and I have only come close to dying 2-3 times so far (5 spiders chasing you is NOT good for morale). I have rolled one of each of the toons I will end up playing: Elf Hunter, Human Captain, Human Champion, Dwarf Guardian. I am not much of a fan of gnomes, dwarfs, and halflings, but the dwarf guardian was irresistable. The day I play a minstrel will be the day hell freezes over, pigs fly, and WoW creates equality with their Pallies and Priests. I have put WoW on the back burner for the moment, my passion has become LOTRO, despite it's few flaws it is a pretty fun game. I am imagining that it will only get better!


Hunterman, the reason Turbine didn't introduce Magic into LOTRO is because the entire realm of middle earth had 9 wizards if I remember right, only 2 of which were still alive at the rise of Sauron: Ghandalf, and Soloman(probably didn't spell that one right). Do you think Turbine is going to let noobs like us make a wizard that could one day rival the powers of Ghandalf!?!?!?! NEVER!!!
I kind of like the Loremasters pottery bomb of doom as it reminds me of the "Magic" users in the movie 300.


Yeah that makes sense. I forgot that only 2 of them survived, it has been like 5 years since I have seen the movies (even though I own them). Still, it is too bad Turbine couldn't have added some better element of magic in LOTRO, it seems that all there really is to do is melee combat unless you are a hunter-in which case you still end up doing melee 'cuz we all know that a hunter is only really useful in the first 5 seconds of a fight if he is soloing. After that, it is time for the melee and a hunter is not equipped for melee...With that being said, however, I understand the idea of us "peons" not being allowed to level up a wizard that would rival the wizards in the LOTR lore. So far from what I have read in the forums and on here, it appears that the captain is the character of choice for many people, yet they are the last ones desired for raids. Does anyone else see a problem with that? I love playing the captain, he has more than handled himself so far. No raids for him? I wonder why that is......


People are assuming that jack-of-all trades classes would only be picked if a primary, tank, healer or DPS person couldn't be found. Personally, I'm not sure it would work out that way. I know in the min/max of WOW, being a hybrid can be a liability. However, I think a big reason for that is WOW has to be balanced around PVP. I think in a non-PVP game, all classes can be given strengths and equal power without players crying foul.

When I think of AC2, another Turbine game, I was the lesser of the magic casters being Enchanter and not Sorcerer. However, they provided my class with unique abilities, that ensured I was never at a loss for finding groups: Mezz, Tattercoat and a root skill. I think they should be able to do the same for hybrids in LOTRO.

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