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April 12, 2007



Good Luck! If your pod casts are half as good as your posts, then you will do just fine. :)


Gratz on the new position/podcast. I might have to re-subscribe to these guys if you are going to be a regular on the show. Sorry to see your personal podcast has fizzled out. Wherever you decide to podcast, your voice/opinion will be appreciated.

I believe there is a bit of controversy in the history of this particular podcast. They had an original set of hosts who split with the podcast producers after about 10 episodes or so. The original hosts went on to make their own show (The Maelstrom I believe). I dont remember if they were explicit as to why they split with BEM but I think it might have been over the gold/power leveling advertisements on the website. I checked out the BEM website and there are gold/power leveling adverts currently running on various pages (saw one on the forum intro). How do you feel about this?


Thanks Wolf. Thanks Shel. With my podcast it was so much work just doing the 15 minutes. I couldn't fill up any more time, even though I really tried. An hour of recording kept netting just 15-20 minutes of content.

Last night we recorded our first show together and I think it went well. :-)


would love to hear a lotro podast


Loved hearing you on BEM, thought you were gone for good. I would love a LOTRO podcast. It has stolen me from WoW. Goodluck


I would like to see you do a lotro podcast

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