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March 20, 2007



Congratulations on finding the new house. The deck sounds great. After I get my whole house back (the kids and grandkids are finally looking for their own place!), I'll have to look at sprucing up the plain concrete back patio (blistering hot in the summer) with a covered patio with decking beyond that. Grilling out back is so preferable to the stove in the spring and summer. (Though there's got to be a screened-in portion since our neighborhood is host to a large population of the unofficial state bird, the mosquito.)

I'm running with a Blood Elf Paladin mostly these days. Interesting class and, even specced in Protection and Retribution (I plan to MT most of the time for our small, family-friends guild), I find survivability to be just amazing. I'm still not very accomplished at all -- not that I'm all that accomplished with any class, to be honest -- so I find myself blowing cooldowns faster than I need to and am still surprised to find that suddenly the gaggle of mobs is down and I'm still standing with a mostly full health bar. Very cool. Fights are not nearly as quick as they can be with my Rogue and not nearly as painless as with my Hunter -- which are mostly 1-on-1 fights anyway -- but I'm starting to really feel confident most times with multiple mob pulls on the Paladin. I really do like it so far. It comes really close to living up to that "Hero" feeling you posted about a while back.

Killed all my characters on Alleria and transferred their meager collective wealth in coin and mats to Kirin Tor in a 24 Shaman's bags. Not sure what I'll do with him when I already have a 70 Rogue, 60 Hunter, 32 Paladin, 23 Priest, and 17 Warrior standing in line and hollering for a chance to be played. The 17 warrior has been the guild bank character for a while, but I'm itching to break him out and work at having myself a pair of tanks and a dedicated healer to choose among whenever the kids or their friends want to tackle a given instance. As they all gravitate towards playing DPS roles, somebody has to bite the bullet and give the core roles a go, right? It may never happen, but I want to be prepared. So far, all I hear from them is they run into a few decent PUGs here and there but then a whole lot more asshats not worth the frustration.

We ain't no EGI Raiding Guild and never will be, but I'm looking to position us to at least explore the limits of our lack of skills and talent. :D

Good luck with the house, and take it easy on the moving when it goes through.


Hi Ric! Your comment about the unofficial bird makes me wonder. It's been a long time since I've tried to summer away in the heat and humidity of GA. I was thinking about getting one of those tent gazeboos that have the netting to protect you from bugs. I'll have to see how bad it gets.

If I can get settled soon enough and am not dead broke, I want to take water color painting and a short story writing class this summer. I've wanted to do that for a long time and somehow never get around to actually doing it.

The Paladin is definitely a fun class to play now. I can only image how exciting a Druid must be too. If they don't meet the nerfbat too many more times, they have to be hands-down the most versatile classes to play in WOW. DPS, Tank and healing - that's all there is, and they do all three. I still don't think that the hybrids should be equal to any primary, but when in Rome...

I read very opposing opinions on whether or not they can actually main-tank the heroic 5-mans and 25-man raids. Even if they can't, just doing MT in regular 5-mans is certainly a long way from where they were this time last year, healing with the clothies. My son was doing a heroic the other night in a PUG that kept wiping on the final boss. In their agreed to last attempt, everyone died except him and the off-tank, both of whom are Paladins. He said they beat the boss and he was SO excited and like, OMFG two Paladins took down the boss. He healed and did some DPS and the other guy just tanked. He was parading around the house talking about how God-like Paladins have become.

I hope for myself and all the other Paladins that are drunk on the class's current power, that we don't meet a tragic end by the swing of a nerbat.


You can't really do the AoE grinding until you hit level 40 and can get Holy Shield (and plate armor). That's really the engine that drives the Protection build.


@ GSH. Ah, that explains it! I thought that I'd done what people were writing about and had taken as many of the talent points that I could given my level, but couldn't do what they said they were doing. Ok, that makes sense. But I also read that getting the good plate is about as hard as it is for good Warrior armor, so it might take being several levels into the 40s before you can really do the AOE grinding with Protection? Thanks for the tip.


Paladins seem to be able to do a decent job tanking or healing if they are spec for it. On damage though paladins are capped since most of our dps is burst damage we don't really do consistant damage very well.

As a result fury warriors and rogues almost always beat me if they are moderately competent. I'm never switching out of retribution though because trying to kill a mob without crusader strike takes far too long.

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