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March 30, 2007


S. Labyrinth

I enjoy reading your blog although I have to say that lately it seems as though you are slogging through WoW not enjoying any of it. If you're paying money to play something that feels more like work than anything else, why not quit? You still have EQ2 and there's lots of new MMOs hitting the market soon. Are you a WoW addict? :)

I know that I was addicted to WoW for awhile, then I realized that I absolutely hated it and playing it was making me miserable. I am not saying that you're the same, but from your recent posts it seems as though you're begrudgingly playing. And 2-boxing? It sounds like a bit of an addiction to me. :)


LOL. No, I'm not addicted. I just haven't found anything else yet. I liked EQ2 well enough but not enough to call it "home". There's some aspect level of excitement missing from EQ2 for me.

Gaming is what I do in my free time. It's what I enjoy. I can't call it an addiction because I play less and less. I'm still on WOW because I've already played it so long and have high level characters and professions, that it still provides more fun than starting all over in another game that's only "eh". I'm just biding my time and waiting for something new to come along. Vanguard wasn't it. Not sure if LOTRO will be it either.

As for the two-boxing, it's not unheard of for hardcore players to do that to progress a newer toon. I've done it in the past in other games. :-) It would probably be simplier to just find people to play with, but honestly, that's harder these days that it seems.

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