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March 13, 2007



Never...ever go to the WoW forums...evvvvveeerrr. More joy could be had by being eaten alive by a cockroach.


I recently posted about whether or not it is better to play a game that can boast a strong, mature community (and a few bugs) or a highly polished game with a community of miscreants, beggars, and ignoramuses (tanks with +intelligence gear).

My conclusion is that I will be quitting World of Warcraft starting April 1st and with any luck, I won't be returning anytime soon. I loved the game for over a year, but between the nerfs and the community, I don't think I can handle much more of that game. I like playing BC, but everytime I find a group for any dungeon, it takes 4 hours when it should take 2 due to class incompetence and AFK's and I am sick of it.

One of my RL friends plays Vanguard, and despite the bugs, the game appears to be both enjoyable and mature. His guild is 90% adults who are helpful and, from what I have seen/heard, display an active desire to learn their classes. I never knew such a thing to exist in WOW.


The Armory isn't so bad and I think it was put together by Blizzard's Web Design team which doesn't do any in-game work. What greifing that does take place using the armory is probably done by the same opinionated idiots that used to populate Barrens Chat.


I fault WOW Insider for even running a news item that points to a forum post that is berating other players based on the Armory data. Someone on the forum responded that his kid was made to cry by people heckling his gear and spec. Hell my nephew is 10 and plays WOW. He has a level 54 Hunter. God only knows what his spec is at the moment. We help him out but by no means monitor is account. We can't even get him to stop meleeing every mob he sees instead of using his bow. He apparently loves melee but the Warrior and Rogue were just over is head, and turning him loose on unsuspecting players as a Paladin would be criminal. LOL So we just let him be a melee Hunter.

I would be incensed if someone attacked him or berated him online because he's got a crap spec that is suddenly visible to people who have nothing better to do than use that slow ass search.

And I dont care what team it was, I WANT THE PRIEST CLASS FIXED! *GIGGLE*


@Wolf - I'll be sorry to see you go. Not that we play togethe or anything. :-) Still, it's sad when people leave the game you play. I wanted to love Vanguard but I just didn't. I'd go back to EQ2 EOF before Vanguard.


What top five things need to be corrected for the Priest Class? How many things need fixing?

What will the "fixed" Priest be able to do that the currently "broken" Priest can't?

My Priest is level 36 and I'm clueless, but curious, about the issues.


@Kinless. Erf, start with Holy Pallys are better healers than Holy Priests and see where that takes you. Then you can move on to "what's worse solo? Protection Warrior or Holy Priest? Discuss."

I'm sure Saylah has at least 3 more things to complete the list. ;)


The priest class is just great up until level 60. If you want to PVP/DPS then go Shadow. Both Holy and Disc are viable healing specs and Disc isn't that bad to level with either. The problem arises post 60 when our spells and efficiency didn't scale with the health and DPS of the players or the mobs.

At level 70, a Holy spec'd priest is a decent healer - not the best healer, and certainly not durable enough. The BC encounters are very different. There are multiple mobs on most pulls and that means healing more which can lead to pulling aggro. Or you'll get hit because something gets lose, and we're so fragile that we can't take more than a couple of hits before we're down. I spec'd down into Disc for Pain Suppression which is good for damage mitigation, but that is a 41 point talent, so I have little in Holy. Other spec issue is that our aggro mitigation isn't even in the Holy tree it's in Disc, forcing all healing priests to push down into Disc for that and mana regen.

The change in the basic dungeon encounters has created a situation where healing 5 people is an order of magnitude harder for me at 70 than it was at 60, but it doesn't seem to be that way for Paladins or Druids. I watch my son in instances and he doesn't understand what's so hard being a Holy Paladin. Laughed and called me a noob. Then one night he got on my priest and did Mana Tombs, he said it was ridiculously different and much harder. It's like my leveling only took me to level 65, while everyone else is at level 70.

When I read the forums and 10 mans are now opting for only ONE priest but two or more Paladins or Druids to heal, it says volumes. We're needed sure - stamina buff, spirit buff, shielding and HOTs. But they only need one of those. I've read posts that DNT (most accomplished raiding guild in WOW) now has most of it's priest raiding as Shadow. I think there's something wrong when the so-called primary healing class is asked to do DPS instead of heal. Shadow is fun no doubt but I rolled a priest to heal. If you want to do shadow damage you'd roll a Warlock. Having choices is nice but I think it stinks to high heaven that even if I went full Holy, it would require me having the best of the best gear, to match the healing capabilities of a moderately geared Paladin or Druid.


My priest was retired about 8 months ago when I saw Cloak of Shadows. I doubt he will make it to 70.


I'm certainly no expert on the Priest class, but it just seems that the class that is purportedly DESIGNED to heal should, if specced for it, be the preeminent healer, hands down, no bullshit. As I turn to give my old, months-inactive Priest another look and find the lowbie bastard is Shadow-specced (on advice I was given a long time back), I read the horror stories about how badly the class is broken for main healing right now and just don't want to bother. But I NEED to bother with it. I WANT to bother with it. I just want the bother to be worth it all in the end.

Blizzard needs to fix this. No question about it. I'm checking out dozens of blogs and everyone commenting on healing is singing the same lament: Priests need fixing. In the absence of extensive personal experience to the contrary, I've got no choice but to defer to more experienced players and to agree. The knowledge that the problems exist is holding me back from potentially wasting my time with a Priest.


I rolled my priest to heal and only Shadowed to level. It's pretty amazing that with so many priests screaming foul have spec'g out of healing that Blizzard hasn't done something yet.

But I think it will eventually turn around. It goes in circles. Shamans were uber now not so much. Pally boring and back-up healing now uber healer and up front with the emba Druids. Locks - well, they've been been king of the hill a little too long but show no sign of being sent to the back of the bus. And all Rogues need to die!

The priest class will have its day too. Some of us will be there to play them and others won't. For now I'll do what's fun which is my Paladin. I doubt she'll make it to 70, that's just too long of a push and with other games coming out, why re-do content I've seen WAY too much of when I can play something new.


"And all Rogues need to die!"

LOL. My Main is a Rogue, and a big ol' vicious Troll one, at that!

Playing Paladin, Warrior, Priest since hitting 70 on the Rogue and getting his flying mount. But there's rarely a time when the Rogue isn't parked close by... and/or the Hunter. :D

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